Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Becoming an inventor!

Children in KS1 P4C club have been busy inventing things this afternoon! After watching this animated short, the children discussed whether or not inventions are completely new ideas or whether they are based on something pre-existing. Although some inventions are completely new ("like the wheel" or "like fire") other inventions are adapted versions of something that is pre-existing ("like the cloud blower because it's like a bubble blower").

As the children began to think about what they themselves could invent, they became excited about developing these ideas and problem solving each issue as it arose. For instance, Fenton's Glass Space Robot needed to have a component which recharged its batteries. Aron, who invented the Double Lift (a lift with two doors so people could get out on two floors at once), had to think about how it would function.

So, in the future, watch out for inventions such as Bubble Shoes, Colourful Cloud Blowers and even Star Shaped Planes!

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