Thursday, 12 October 2017

Science week in Reception

The children have been partaking in lots of different science activities this week! 

The week started off with a bang, watching Nitro Nick in assembly. He showed the children how a balloon would pop when exposed to a flame, but when the balloon was filled with water, it didn't pop so quickly! He also wowed us with some flames, flashes and even a clear liquid turning into a bright pink one!

The next day, the children went on a nature walk, collecting different coloured leaves and finding signs of Autumn. They were able to discuss seasonal changes and could even talk about how they look after the world around us.

Children also explored bubbles after watching a video about the invention of a bubble wand! We made our own bubble wands out of pipe cleaners and tested their efficacy outside. Even though we made different shaped wands, the bubbles always came out spherical. Children also created artwork with the bubbles, mixing washing up liquid with water and paint. Take a look at some of our creations below!

 We also got a little bit messy making slime using cornflour and water. We were able to make balls of slime if we rolled it very quickly, but as soon as we stopped, the ball would turn back into a liquid. 

The children can't wait to have their grown ups come into school tomorrow to complete their final science craft with them!

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