Friday, 17 November 2017

Elmer's special day!!

On Monday, we read the story of Elmer by David McKee. Elmer is special because he is a patchwork elephant and after noticing all his beautiful colours we all decided to invite Elmer to a special colour party - just like the Elmer day at the end of the story! 

We wrote an invitation for Elmer as a class! 
 All week the children have been looking forward to our colour party and preparing for it! 
On Thursday the children made party hats, cards and fairy cakes for the party. 

Today when the children got the nursery they found the nursery was all messy (" and lots of party things all over the floor. We used our detective goggles to find all the clues and work out who and what had happened in the nursery! Here are some of the clues!

Footprints on the floor "It's a bear" thought Franki!  "It wasn't me, because I have not got any gold on my shoes" said Julia! 

 And a mysterious note left by the green table! Mary said " I saw there's a piece of paper on the floor that says Elmer"! The children used all the clues ("It's Elmer's footprint cause it's big" said Alfie) to work out that Elmer had come to the party too early ("Elmer came in the night and got sparkly feet" thought Emily)- he got the wrong time!! Elmer left the children some yummy party food and balloons to play with a the party!

Mary wrote Elmer a note after the party and asked Elmer not to come in at night time and make the nursery all messy!

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