Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Growth Mindset in Reception

At Windhill21, we foster and encourage a growth mindset! We have been thinking about growing our brains during choosing time in Reception. Have a look and see what we've been up to this week.

 Riley made a circle using the linking camels during CIP. He was challenged to turn it into a new shape and, rising to the challenge, he started making corners to turn it into a rectangle. He showed Miss Lawrence that he understood mathematical language, such as corners, and that he could solve a problem by looking at things in a different way!

Jessica and Poppy were looking through our class book from September, and found their names. The girls thought they had improved in leaps and bound since then and went to the writing area to prove it to me! This shows a great deal of motivation to improve (and what and improvement it is!)

Both Nneoma and Isabella continued a teacher directed pattern making activity into their own play time. They didn't just try out the 'Tricky' challenges but had a go at the 'Trickier' and 'Trickiest' challenges too! 

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