Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Ice painting!

In Degas we have been experimenting with paint and this week we decided to use ice to paint. First we talked about where ice came from:

"The North Pole!"

"The ice cream van!"

Miss Clarke told us about ice and how it is made in the freezer and in really cold conditions. When we put some ice in our tuff spot we watched it start to melt.

"It's getting hot." Zac told us.

We passed around some ice and when Miss Clarke asked why it was melting so quickly in our hands Marta said:

"Our hands are really warm so it's melting."

We put some paint onto the ice and watched as the ice melted into coloured water! Wow!

We played in the ice  to experience what it felt like and if we could mix colours and we all really enjoyed it!

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