Thursday, 2 November 2017

Reception: Child initiated learning

We have been so excited about
Bonfire Night in Reception!

After sharing a Firework Safety story, the children engaged in lots of different activities throughout their Child Initiated learning. They accessed a variety of different open-ended activities with complete independence, including handprint and collage crafts, construction, mark making, writing and even role play! The teachers stood back in awe for the afternoon, amazed at the children's independence, motivation and engagement.

In Cassatt, George, Foster, Marcus and Neirin decided to challenge themselves with the construction straws and spent the whole of their activity time creating beautiful firework artwork. George was so motivated, he kept requesting more black background paper for them to work with!

The children were all so proud of their various pieces of artwork, writing and mark making, that we decided to create an immediate display in the classroom. 

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