Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Invisibility Ring

In P4C club today, we imagined that we found an invisibility ring! The wearer of this ring would be invisible and could do anything they chose to do. 

The children pondered this concept for a while before sharing their ideas with their partners. 

"I would play tricks on my mum!"
"I would leave presents for my friends!"
"I would take people's sweeties!"

This then got us thinking...
If you would never be found out, should you do whatever you'd like to do?

"No, you'd have rotten teeth if you always ate sweeties."
"You might get lonely if you just play tricks on people."

Then I asked the children if they would take money from people as well as sweets...

They all gasped and a resounding "No!" echoed around the room!

"You need to be a good person even if you are invisible."
"It's important to be good otherwise you'll be a bad person and bad people aren't good."
"You shouldn't do bad things if you're invisible or not. But if you did good things but you were invisible, you'd never be thanked. So that might make you feel sad and alone."

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