Thursday, 16 November 2017

Year 2 Instructions: How to stop a troll

Here is part of our text map for some instructions: how to stop a terrible troll.  Please excuse Mrs Smith's drawings!
What to do:
1. First find some flowers near the troll's bridge.
2. Next put a hay bale behind the flowers.
3. Then find a large box and fill it with mud.
4. Now hide the box and some rope behind the hay bale.
5. After that call the troll by shouting 'flowers' loudly.
6. The troll will come and smell the lovely flowers.
7. Now tip the mud on the troll's head.
8. Then, quickly tie him up with the rope.
9. Finally call the police to come and arrrest him. 

Written by Ana, Milo, Harry, Ewa, Yasmin, Tiaan and Rhys

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