Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Year 5 pupils at Windhill21 Primary School, Bishop’s Stortford, have been out and about ‘cleaning up’ our streets this term.
After learning about the dangers of littering and the effects of plastics on the environment in particular, the children felt it their duty to make a difference to their local community. After much consideration, the children organized a litter pick and carefully planned a route through town hitting targeted areas.
Not only were they hoping to collect litter and clean up their streets, but the children were aiming to set a positive example for other children and adults they met and hoped to educate them about the dangers of litter and how to help to keep the environment safe. They created information flyers and leaflets and took to the streets ready make a difference.
Members of the public were astounded by the positive attitudes and confidence of the children as they canvased passers-by and drummed up support for the cause they were so passionately working for. Class Teacher Miss Rivers commented, “Their passion just spoke for itself, they were so articulate and confident that they were really able to convey their message effectively.”

Despite being a huge success, resulting in bags of litter being collected, sorted and recycled, the children don’t plan to stop there and hope to continue their campaign over the coming weeks.

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