Monday, 2 July 2018

Hatfield Forest: Degas

Our Trip to Hatfield Forest

Today we had an amazing adventure at Hatfield Forest for our Reception school trip! We were in for a lot of fun which began before we had even arrived at the forest.....

The coach trip!
The children were very excited to experience the coach and looking around the town on our way through.

When we arrived at the forest we found a shady spot for a snack and a drink. We then got ready for our first activity with our brilliant education team at the forest. Tina was our first teacher who started us off on a senses hunt.

We used 4 of our 5 senses to find things around different parts of the forest (we saved our sense of taste for lunch time!) We had the opportunity to try and hear the pulse/liquid inside the trees with a stetheoscope. We collected different textured objects from around the forest and we spotted as many different colours as we could- ticking them off on our way.

We enjoyed our lunch- which many of us wanted to eat first thing in the morning!
Then we got ready for our second activity which was with Janet who took us on a habitat hunt.

We used binoculars to look for habitates belonging to different types of birds. We saw baby ducklings swimming on the water and looked closely at the nest of a coot using our binoculars. They were so cleverly made! Next we made our very own gigantic nest using sticks and twigs we found in the forest!

On the way back we were very tired! Some of us even fell asleep on the coach journey back.

A big thank you to the parents who volunteered with us and Hatfield Forest for planning and organising a brilliant day! The children were so well behaved throughout, you should be very proud of them all.

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