Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Sharing a smile

Something wonderful has been happening all around Bishop's Stortford... rainbows are being spotted everywhere! Thank you to all the children who sent in rainbow pictures to help spread some happiness this week. 


It seems like you have all been really busy at home, learning your tricky words, gaining awards on Mathletics, going for treasure hunts and even getting involved in some baking! 

Miss Lawrence and Mrs Watson-Clarke like the idea of you helping out around the house whilst you're at home... this activity from ABCDoes might appeal to the grown ups and also offers a great maths opportunity!

Can you sweep the items into the square/rectangle/triangle/hexagon?
Can you sweep more than 5 things into the shape?
Can you sweep less than 5 things into the shape?
How long will it take for you to sweep up all the items?
How many items do you estimate will fit into the shape?

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