Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Wildlife spotting in your garden!

Calling all you wildlife watchers!

Mr Forgham, a regular visitor to the school and local wildlife expert, has set up a note on his blog sharing ideas for how you can get out into your garden and look for nature.  He hopes to add a suggestion each day, before 10.30am. 

His suggestion for today is... how many bees you can spot?  Can you see different types and how many of each are there?  What other insects and mini-beasts can you see?  Spiders on the fence?  Woodlice under leaves, pots or logs?

You can find out more and see his photos of a buff-tailed bumble bee and other beautiful insects by clicking on the link below.  His photos will help you identify things and you can send photos to him too! 

Mrs Smith will be having a snoop for bees and other creepy crawlies around her garden later, but saw all these while having a quick bird watch through the window with her cup of tea this morning!

  • a pair of goldfinches - one on the look out from the branches on the tree, while the other collected bits of  dead grasses to make a nest!
  • a male blackbird
  • a blue tit
  • a wood pigeon flying over

Goldfinch from Mrs Smith's garden (taken by Mr Smith!)

Why not create some art work based on the creatures you spot?  Or write a story or a poem about what happens to them in your garden?  

Mrs Smith would love to see photos of any wonderful wildlife you spot or of any work that you do.  You may then see it on the blog or school Facebook page.  Email them to klee@windhill.herts.sch.uk

So sharp eyes at the ready and happy spotting everyone!

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