Tuesday, 21 May 2019

"Stick man, Oh Stickman beware of the..."

This week Nursery are thinking about journeys. Yesterday in forest school we read "Stickman" by Julia Donaldson and made our own stickmen to take on forest adventures- some climbed trees and others went on the forest train to China!

Today Miss Woodhouse set the children 3
challenges to have a go at in their choosing time. 
These were to make their own stickman picture using natural resources, make a flag just like the story and to make a shape using sticks.


Later on the children had fun exploring the new "talking postcards" and recorded their voices on them to tell Miss W and Mrs McCormick what happened to Stickman in the story! It was so funny to hear own voices!

Noah and his Ark: Reception

Today Reception welcomed Reverend Sarah to school, who shared a very special story with us. She was visiting from a church to tell us a Christian story from their special book called The Bible. 

Reverend Sarah began with an Ark and a man called Noah... The children were incredibly respectful during this time, and showed understanding that people can believe different things. 

"Some people believe in God and some people don't, but that's okay you can still be friends"
- Margo
"Is this story real? Because I believe in God so I think it's real, but someone that doesn't believe in God might think it's not real... so we think different things"
- Oliver

The children enjoyed retelling the story of Noah's Ark after story time and were also inspired to create models and artwork. The children even lined up for assembly two by two!

Monday, 20 May 2019

Miro try a Hokey Pokey!

In Year 1 we have been travelling back in time to the Victorian era. After watching a video about the Victorian seaside we tried a 'hokey pokey' which is ice cream on a piece of paper. We had so much fun trying to eat them!

Money, money, money!

In Year 1 we have been learning about money. We visited the shop to choose an item to buy and both partners had a go at making the right amount using coins. The winner was the person who used the least coins!

Wood, Plastic or Metal?

In Science we have been learning about materials. We studied different objects made from wood, plastic and metal and sorted them into groups. We then described the materials using property words like hard, rough, smooth and soft.

Bowling technique with All Stars coach

Today in PE we learnt how to bowl at the stumps. We enjoyed working with a specialist cricket coach.

Which liquid will dissolve the marshmallow the quickest?

In science today we have been investigating which liquid will dissolve the marshmallow the quickest. We have used a range of liquids on the ph scale to find out which was the most efficient at dissolving the marshmallow.