Monday, 18 June 2018

Year 5 on the life bus

Fantastic discussions about friendships were had on the life bus and we continued this work in class afterwards. The children also learnt about the adverse effects of smoking. It was a very thought-provoking afternoon.

Equivalent Fractions Investigation

The class were so engaged with today's investigation. Without initially noticing it, the children were simplifying fractions in order to match the images to the fraction. There were many 'light blub' moments.

Brick Pig on Trial

The children have been working incredibly hard to prepare for the trial of Brick Pig. Each child wrote very persuasively in order to convince the jury of Brick Pig's innocence or of his guilt. They practiced their oracy skills before presenting the evidence in court. Having heard all the evidence, as well as questioning the witnesses, the jury voted and found the Brick Pig was guilty ( it was a VERY close call!).

Year 3 Life Bus

Year 3 children had a trip on the life bus last week and learnt all about the body! The children had great fun and have learnt a lot! We look forward to learning more on the life bus next year.

Maths in Riley Class

Last week the children completed an investigation using matchstick shapes to support their understanding of division using their existing multiplication knowledge. It was a successful investigation- keep up the hard work Riley class!

Friday, 15 June 2018

Being a good sport!

Following on from a P4C session about winning and losing, the children in Cassatt decided it might be useful to make up some rules about Sports Day so that people remember to persevere, cheer on their friends, and congratulate the winners. Neirin got to work on creating a Sports Day rule book, and invited his friends to add in their own rules to help people on the big day.

The children flew with this idea! It is always a pleasure to 
see children inspired to grow their brains in choosing time!

"A Book of our Sports Day Rules"

Don't Roll a Six!

Today Miro had so much fun playing 'Don't Roll a Six'! 

Here are the instructions so you can play at home:

1. Roll a dice and write down the number.
2. Roll the dice again, adding that number to the previous number and writing down your new total.
3. Continue rolling the dice and adding the number to your total.
4. If a 6 is rolled, the game is over and your score is wiped back to zero!

What's the highest score you can get to?