Monday, 22 July 2019

Thank you from Cassatt!

Dear Parents and Carers of Cassatt class

Thank you all so much for your generosity, kindness and of course all your support throughout the year. It has been a pleasure to work with you all. Have a wonderful summer break!

Best wishes

Miss Lawrence
Mrs Cantel and Mrs Williams

Friday, 19 July 2019

Year 5 Aspirations: Game Makers

In year 5, we have been designing and creating our own computer arcade games. We used our creativity to develop a story set over several levels. Each one was harder than the previous. We then designed the promotional cover for the game. App games are incredibly popular now and we aspired to create one that could compete with those already on the market.

Throughout the process we used imagination, collaboration and clear targets to create our game.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Aspirations Week - Hairdressers!

On Wednesday, Year 1 was transformed into a hairdressing salon as part of Aspirations Week. We watched videos to help us learn how to style hair in different ways and then partnered up! We took it in turns to style each others' hair using clips, bands and hair gel. It was so much fun!

Igniting Aspirations: Artist!

Reception have been so lucky to have lots of visitors this week for Aspirations week! This afternoon, we heard all about being an Artist from Logan's mummy, Emma.

  Emma spoke a little bit about her favourite kind of art, which was painting with oils. We had a look at some of her completed pictures, some of which took her 40 hours or more to finish! 

The pieces of art were so realistic that they looked like they were photographs!
The children couldn't wait to practise their artistic skills during choosing time.

We had to remember that it was okay to make mistakes because they help our brains to grow!

Igniting Aspirations: Butcher!

Today, Reception had a visit from Ethan's dad, who works as a butcher!

Mr Hornsby spoke a little bit about why we have butchers and how we end up with food in our shops.

We learnt all about the role, including the uniform that needs to be worn, 
the tools that are needed and even how burgers and sausages are made! 

Later, the children set up a food shop using playdough produce and tools, charging customers for their tea time sausages, burgers and meatballs!

Budding authors, editors and publishers

As part of igniting aspirations week, Year 4 wrote, edited and published a Vikingology book. This week, we even had the opportunity to do an author reading and book signing at Waterstones in town. This was a fabulous experience and the children wer3 fantastic ambassadors for Windhill. Well done Year 4.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Reception Escape Room!

Today, Reception took part in Mrs Pyne's Escape Room challenge! The children had to be problem solvers and solve lots of different puzzles to escape the room.

We had to piece together puzzles of teen numbers, build towers using the language of 'more', make tricky repeating patterns, put numbers back in the right order on Mrs Pyne's calendar and we even has to guess the names of shapes from specific clues!

The children really enjoyed themselves!

Oliver: "I liked the one where you had to fix the numbers because I like fixing problems!"

Mary: "I enjoyed it when we had to guess the shape, because I could ask lots of questions"

Ethan: "I liked putting the patterns in the right order because I solved the problems"

Ava: "I liked the puzzles because I could put together the tricky numbers!"