Friday, 17 January 2020

Year 5 newsletter

"Women do not have the calmness of temperament or the balance of mind to exercise judgement in political affairs.  If we allow women to vote, it will lead to the loss of social structure."  These were the views of many at the time that the Suffragettes started their campaign for women's suffrage and these are the words that have provided a context for this term's topic "Suffragettes: clever or criminal?"
Without doubt, we have had an amazing start to the term, learning about the women who campaigned tirelessly for equal rights with men to vote.  We have been both shocked and amazed to discover the lengths that they went to. Although, perhaps, we were more shocked by the propagande spread by the anti-suffragette movement. Our enthusiasm has been reflected in our writing which has already impressed our teachers!    In Science, we have loved carrying out practical activities to explore gears and pulleys and in maths, we are becoming experts on fractions.  Would you rather have half a Mars bar or a quarter of a Mars depends on the size of the Mars bar as not all halves are equal!

Year 2 Newsletter

At the start of the week, the children came into school to discover that our classroom had been invaded by some sort of creature! We used our skills as detectives to work out from the clues left behind (footprints, shiny scales and bright pink, sparkly poo) that it was a dragon! A very careless one at that! 

We then found out that this pesky dragon had left the classroom in such a state because it had been chasing - and had captured - a princess! We had to save her! 

We decided that the best way to do this was to ask everyone in the school to help us search for the dragon so that we could ask him to give her back to our castle. 

We have started to plan "wanted" posters to put up around the school so that everyone knows what they're looking for and we're very excited to begin writing them next week. 

Let's catch this dragon!

In Science, we were learning how important it was for scientists to ask questions. We came up with our own questions and discussed how we could find out the answers. 

To help us research the answers to some of our questions, we decided to plant our own beans. 

We'll look forward to watching them grow over the next few weeks. 


Reception: we'll huff and we'll puff!

This week, Reception have been learning about a traditional tale called The Three Little Pigs. 

The children have been wondering how much puff the wolf would need to blow a house down! They set to work experimenting with how hard they would need to huff and puff depending on the materials they were trying to blow down. We tested wood, straw and bricks just like the wolf in the story. We also tested other materials such as corks, cardboard tubes and wooden blocks. 

We found that we had to blow quite hard to blow down the wooden blocks, but the cardboard tubes were the easiest to blow down, especially when we made the walls really high.

We also discovered that we could make beautiful paint effects using our breath.
We are all rather puffed out!

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Year 6 Poetry and Electricity Circuits

Since the New Year the children have been immersed in the world of Greek mythology and poetry. We have written two poems, one based on the use of abstract nouns after analysing the myth of Pandora's box and the other based on Greek monsters including Cerberus, Medusa and Hydra. We are very impressed with the children's work and are looking forward to sharing these with you.

In Science the children are developing their knowledge of circuits building on what they learnt in Year 4. The children have been answering questions about the use of multiple components, battery voltages and the use of switches in their circuits.


Our topic this term is Africa! Last week, we looked at pictures from an African village and watched a video about life in the village. We discussed the question: Would you like to live in Africa? We concluded that we couldn't answer the question just yet and needed to find out more!
This week, we looked at African toys. We compared our playground toys and games with the games and toys from Africa. The children then made their own African plastic bag footballs!

Year 1 Maths

For half of this week, Year 1 have been working on their subtraction skills. The children used bead strings, cubes and number cards to come up with their own subtraction number sentences for each other. The children had to work out the number sentences and their partner had to check whether they were correct.

For the second half of the week, the children have been using scales to explore equality and balance. We have been using the scales to help us make sure that our number sentences are balanced on each side. 

Year 1 Senses

Our topic this term in Science is senses! We have been discussing what our senses are and talking about our body parts. We put ourselves in height order and measured our hands against each other. In groups, we drew around one person and labelled all of the body parts we knew.