Monday, 18 February 2019

Interfaith week -Agent Reflector

Last week was Interfaith Week at Windhill21. A time when the school community takes time to celebrate the different faiths in our community. It's a time when pupils and teachers take a deeper look at the values we share and learn about the different beliefs and practices of those around them.
This year we have linked Interfaith week to one of Global goals the children have been focussing on "No Poverty." All year groups started their learning with the story of "The Good Samaritan" from the Bible and took part in a range of activities to compare the Christian response to poverty to that of other world faiths such as Islam , Buddhism , Hinduism and Judaism.
The week included a whole school assembly to launch the week, P4C discussions, drama and a range of Reflection stations in the Atrium for each year group to visit with their teachers.
Here is a flavour of some of the Reflections the children took part in this week.
"Prayer and hope tree"- a place for pupils to take time to consider
things they were thankful for or take time write a hope or prayer.

"The world we live in" - with so much going on in the world pupils were invited to look at the pictures of poverty- including homelessness, hunger, draught and natural disasters and take time to think or find out about these issues and place a candle on the country they were thinking of.

"Climate change"- linked to last terms global goal of looking after the world we live in. Pupils made pledges of how they could help preserve the environment for the future.

"Peace and Justice"- linked to the global goal number 16 "peace and justice" .Pupils were asked to reflect on a quotation from Mahatma Ghandi about responding to those who treat you unfairly and how those from the Hindu faith may respond in situations of injustice.

"The Good Samaritan"- Who is your neighbour?  At this station pupils were encouraged to take time to show empathy and reflect on our responses to helping others we don't know or who do not share the same views as us.

"Reduced Inequalities".
We are all different- we look, behave and believe different things often
but in this diversity we have  different talents and gifts we can use to help those around us.
What is your gift/talent and how will your use it to help others?

Finding out about what others believe- at this station pupils were asked to reflect on the Muslim act of Zakat ( charity) and respond in their own way -reflecting on why this was important and taking time to think about their own point of view.

Interfaith week in Nursery

Last week was Interfaith week for the whole school and was linked to the whole school global goal of No Poverty.
In Nursery we read the story of "The Good Samaritan" and talked about what it means to be kind. 
We watched the following video clip called  "Am I Kind" to help us talk about what being "kind" meant. The children were quick to recognise that sharing toys with other people - even if they didn't want to was a kind act.
During our "choosing time" the children were keen to make their own "Look out" telescopes like Miss Woodhouse's  to "keep an eye out" for their friends and help anyone who might be sad or hurt. 



Friday, 15 February 2019

Interfaith week in Reception

During Interfaith week, the children in Reception have been thinking very carefully about lots of different concepts. To start the week, the children shared the story of The Good Samaritan, a story from the Christian special book called the Bible. Following this, we explored the word 'good' and came up with characteristics of someone that was 'good'

"They have to have good listening ears"
"They need to be caring and look after people"
"They don't all look the same. Lots of different people can be good"

The children they drew their very own 'good creature' including all the features that they felt reflected what it meant to be 'good'. We also enjoyed interacting with the special reflection stations set up for us this week:

Here, Bobbi and Oliver closed their eyes and made a wish for people living in poverty all over the world. They placed their candle on a part of the world that they felt needed their wish to come true.
Ellie explained how she was thankful for her mummy and the teachers looking after her,
drawing a little heart for the Thankful Tree.

Here, Nico, Ethan and Fletcher made pledges to look after their world. Ethan pledged to use less plastic to help look after all the creatures of the world. Fletcher and Nico both said that they wanted to look after the animals too.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Celebrating great writing this week!

In Year 4, we have been totally inspired by Shackleton and his crew and our writing has been the best ever! To celebrate the achievements in Moore class, a display has been put up to reflect our theme. Well done Moore class!

Year 3 Spring Term 2 Updated Timetable

Please find below our updated timetable for Year 3 for after half term. Please note that we now have PE on a Tuesday morning and a Thursday afternoon.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Chocolate Taste Testing

Year 2 have had the BEST afternoon ever!  We have been taste testing different flavours to decide which flavour combination works best with chocolate. We taste a range of flavours from caramel to chilli! The children had some hilarious facial expressions when tasting. Fun was had by all.

The Chocolate Snatcher strikes again!

We wrote questions for the Chocolate Snatcher to answer. We left out some Kitkats to tempt the Snatcher to answer our questions and he did! We used this information to come up with a plan on how to stop him. The children have written excellent instructions which will be passed on so that the Chocolate Snatcher will be stopped once and for all!