Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Gold for Windhil21 - County Champions


Congratulations to our newly crowned County Champions in Year 3 & 4. They attended the Rapid Fire Cricket finals at Wodson Park on the 19th March 2019. The children turned up with excitement, confidence and a touch of nerves!

The competition from other schools was high. However this did not deter our  children. They showed real determination, team work and executed their skills perfectly. In the group stages our children had 5 highly competitive games, where they won four out of their five games claiming top spot in their group and qualifying for the semi finals as group winners.

In the Semi Finals our children had a tough game and nerves played a huge part for both teams, with a very low scoring game. Thanks to the children's slick running skills between the wickets they managed to secure a 3 run win and proceed to the finals!

The finals saw Windhill drawn against last years County Finalists and runners up. Going into the game we knew this was going to be a tough game. With the children re-focused and playing on their favored pitch the children were ready to commence their final game!
We won the toss and chose to field first, this allowed the children to know what run total they had to chase.  With a 62 run total to chase the children composed themselves ready to bat. After two batting pairs Windhill21 and St Ipps were neck and neck on the score front, (it was nail biting stuff.) The finals batsmen needed to secure the perfect score (no pressure!) With true Windhill21 style the final batsman focused and took their time with each shot. The rest of the team were supporting them shot by shot shouting words of encouragement. A perfect 6 balls were hit through their targets and a slick set of runs were executed meaning the team won by 12 runs!

What a fantastic achievement for the children who attended. They have shown great commitment to extra clubs to ensure they were ready for the competition. Thanks goes out to Dan Reynolds from Hertfordshire County Cricket who gave up his own time to support the children with extra coaching sessions to prepare them for the competition.

Tricky Words song!

Take a look at these videos to help your children learn our RWI (leapfrog) Red Tricky Words!

The children know that we can't Fred a red!!

These words are learnt by sight

Monday, 18 March 2019

Year 3 / 4 production rehearsals

Year 3/4 are well under way with their production rehearsals, things are really starting to come  together. We are getting quite excited for our performances next week. Please continue to help your children learn their lines with expression and actions. We can’t wait to show case all our hard work.

Writing in Reception

The children have been working on their descriptive 
language after watching a short animation called La Luna.

The animation features a little boy going on an adventure to 
the moon. Suddenly, the boy sees a shooting star coming straight
towards him...

The children thought carefully about how he would feel seeing
such a spectacular sight, and produced some incredible writing! We
are now working on writing whole sentences independently 

"I am worried. I see a star."
"I am scared. I can see a big shiny star."

"I am curious. I can see a shooting star racing towards me!"

Year 3 Update

Year 3 have had another busy and exciting week. Our week began with developing our sketching skills looking at Egyptian designs and shapes.

In English the children have started their new unit of explanation texts and started by writing an explanation about the life cycle of a butterfly. The children have also impressed us with their hard work learning and performing their speeches. We were proud to watch our winners perform their speeches in assembly on Friday afternoon. Well done Lola from Done class and Abigail M from Towns class.

In maths we have started our unit on fractions which we have been tackling with great confidence! On Wednesday the children had a fantastic time during Enterprise day, the children were given the challenge of designing their own computer game in small groups and developed a range of team skills throughout the day. Here are a few groups presenting their designs and ideas to the rest of the class.

On top of all of this we have also begun our rehearsals for the Year 3 and 4 production. We are excited to share their singing and dancing with you soon.

Year 5 Newsletter

It has been a busy few weeks in year 5. Rehearsals for our music concert have been our main focus and the children have learnt some tricky songs and are singing them perfectly!
During world book day, we all dressed up as characters from traditional tales and performed a section of Roald Dahl's fantastic poem of the tale. We also took inspiration from concept art to write a short descriptive paragraph based on them. They were superb and gruesome.
We have also been working hard on our speeches around gender inequality. It was a challeenging topic for the children to work with but they used their previous learning fantastically to deliver speeches with real confidence. Congratulations to Olivia in Banksy class and Sonny in Harrison for your winning speeches and performances during the World Speech Day assembly.

Year 4 Newsletter

What an action packed fortnight in Year 4!  As well as beginning rehearsals for our production, the highlights of the past fortnight have been World Book Day and Enterprise Day.  On World Book Day, we were treated to a rendition of  Roald Dahl's revolting rhymes version of 'Little Red Riding Hood' performed by the Year 4 teachers.  Then we wrote some inspired explanantion texts on why wolves make good storybook villains!  During Enterprise Day, we formed companies to design and pitch platform games.  We took inspiration from ZX Spectrum Games and developed our own pixelated characters.  All games were set in school as we were inspired by the forest, school kitchen, field and immersion room.  Underpinning the games was the value of 'risk taking' which was certainly needed to dodge mud traps, avoud tripping over sticks and falling into custard!