Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Year 2 become Sauel Pepys

Year 2 dressed up as Samuel Pepys today!
It was such fun wearing a wig too !

Pepys wrote a diary and that is how we found out about the fire of London.  He wrote it in code so that people couldn't read it.
Look at the special quill pen that he used.

He wrote by candle light which was very bad for his eyes!
If yo want to watch the magic Grandad film click here.

Fire fire

Year 2 have been exploring mixing colours in art.
They used red and yellow to make orange in a variety of ways.

 They used oil pastels to make flame shapes.
 Dip dying a tissue was a great way of watching red and yellow dye bleed into each other to create orange.

The flames will be added to the class display of The Fire of London. 

Reception Update

The children have been settling in really well since their first day in Reception. Learning the rules and routines of the setting has really helped them to become more independent and confident in their environment! 

The children have even taken 'tidy up time'
to a new extreme!

As part of their learning at this stage of the year, the children have been working hard to read and write their names. It is really helpful if the children's jumpers and cardigans are named, not only for them to recognise their own possessions, but also to ensure that clothing does not go missing. We already have a number of jumpers / cardigans left in school with no names! 

We would greatly appreciate you naming all items of your children's clothing, particularly jumpers and cardigans, as the children are responsible for putting them on their pegs if they take them off during the day.

Many thanks for your support with this!

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

London, 1666

Today we kicked off our new topic by visiting London in the Immersion Room! We remembered lots of facts about cities from our work in Year 1 and looked at what it's like to live in London today. Then we travelled back in time to 1666! When we arrived, we met a girl called Cybil who told us all about living in London in 1666. We learned about how the houses were built and what the living conditions were like, including the lack of toilets and sanitation!

Kusama get to know Kusama!

During our first week back at school we learned all about our class artist, Yayoi Kusama. We looked at her photographs, paintings, sculptures and installations and were inspired by her obsession with all things dotty! We created our own dotty paper which we then cut out to create portraits. We also wrote facts about Kusama and her life.


Our first full day in Reception!

Today, the children came into school with a very grown up task ahead of them... it was their very first full day in Reception! They started the day with some name writing and choosing time, followed by learning another new phoneme (today we learnt the sound 'a'). 

After that, the children eagerly made their way to the lunch hall, having been talking about it all morning! They did so well with lunch time, remembering their manners for the cooks and even remembering to use their cutlery when eating.

After eating, the children had a little play outside before the afternoon began. With a story, painting and some more choosing time, the children were kept busy right the way through until the end of the school day.

The children are doing really well remembering the rules and routines in school, and the teachers are very impressed!