Monday, 15 October 2018

Year 5 maths

We have furtherd explored our decimals today by ordering and comparing , using our talking frame and working in pairs .

year 5 maths

Last week in Harrison class we were learning about ordering decimal numbers.
To help us understand we used Wispa bars !

Computing -Year 6

Year 6 were improving their computing skills this morning using excel to calculate their times tables.

5 little teddy bears

Last week the nursery have been counting teddy bears! Our focus rhyme was
"5 little teddy bears jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head, Mummy called the Doctor and the Doctor said "No more teddy bears jumping on the bed."
Poor teddy bears got bumped heads, knees and arms! Fortunately the children were on hand to make them better in our Doctor's surgery role play area.  This led to the children making "Get well" cards for teddy bears and we spoke about people who can them at school, home and the community if they get hurt or are poorly.

This week we will be learning "5 shiny conkers" to link to our learning about Autumn  and the changing season.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Year 3 Newsletter

In English this week the children have been developing their own ideas for suspense story writing. They have been identifying features from existing texts and sharing their own ideas from books they have read. The children will use these ideas in their writing in the coming weeks.

In science we have further developed our understanding of how magnets works at a distance (whilst having lots of fun) through making their own magnet maps or mazes. You can look forward to using these at home when they have been completed. 

The children have also been using their artistic skills this week, not only making their bookmarks for the Vision Aid charity, but also their designing their Christmas cards.

Year 4 newsletter

This week in year 4, we have been busy as scientists, writers and mathematicians. Perhaps the highlight of the week was investigating conductors and insulators in circuits as part of fair testing. Interestingly, raisins and marshmallows are insulators! We also enjoyed working collaboratively to form human sentences in grammar and using the maths skill of reflection to generate Christmas trees for our cards, Next week, we look forward to putting together many of our cross curricular ideas for our hot task.

Why do forests get destroyed?

This week we have continued to explore reasons for why a forest might be cut down. We visited the Immersion Room to experience different forests around the world and wonder at their beauty and the animals that live there.

We then looked at what happens when a forest is destroyed. We saw images that showed the process from one or two trees being cut down to entire forests that had disappeared. We felt very passionate about the images we saw and decided to share our feelings by delivering short speeches to the class.

Finally we looked at images that showed reasons for why a forest might be destroyed. Some images showed things that are made from wood and others showed what else the land might be used for, such as building new housing or extending an airport. 

In Science we have been investigating trees! Today the alien had a new question for us. Do tall trees have fatter trunks than short trees? We decided to find out! We went outside and looked up to see which trees were tallest and which were shortest. We then measured the circumference of the trunks with a measuring tape and discussed our findings.

Year 6 - Blood, Blood, Glorious Blood!

Blood, blood, glorious blood!

In Year 6 we have been continuing our exploration of the circulatory system by investigating the components of blood. In groups we created our own ‘blood soup’consisting of plasma, red and white blood cells and platelets. Ask your child about ‘taxis’and ‘infection fighters’and did you know plasma is actually a straw colour?

What with our oracy presentations about the horrendous conditions in the World War One trenches, all in all it’s been a pretty gory, but memorable week.

Year 2 Newsletter

Year 2 have been very busy innovating the story of the three little pigs in English. There are some brilliant ideas and they can't wait to write their innovations next week! In Maths we have been securing our understanding of place value and that ten ones are the same as one ten. We have become doctors in Science writing an advice booklet for the Big Bad Wolf to help him become healthier. Finally in Topic we had a fantastic visit from the fire service and have also been reflecting on whether we think the Great Fire of London was Thomas Farriner's fault or whether King Charles II was to blame.

Keeping Healthy

In Science this half term, Year 2 have been learning about keeping themselves healthy. They have learnt about eating a balanced diet, the benefits of exercise as well as how to keep their bodies clean. Today they wrote an advice booklet to the Big Bad Wolf as he is finding keeping healthy quite tricky. The children did a brilliant job, becoming doctors and writing some great advice for the wolf using all the scientific knowledge they had!

Fire Engine Visit

Year 2 had a very informative visit from the local fire service this week! They learnt lots about fire safety and how the fire service don't just put out fires. They got to have a sneaky peek inside a fire engine and even got to try on the uniform a fire fighter has to wear (it was very heavy!).

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Harrison Class French Conversations

In Harrison Class we have been conversing in French.

In French, we introduced ourselves to our partner and then told them all about the area we live in, such as whether it is a small or large town/city/village and what facilities it has, such as a swimming pool, a school or a supermarket. We also told our partner the day of the week we visit this facility, who we visit it with and how we get there.

We had to learn the difference between masculine and feminine words to help our pronunciation and we discussed how this impacts upon the word we use for 'the': either 'le', 'la' or l'

We used a speaking frame to help us structure our conversations and then we wrote our conversations down in French. If we wanted to, we then asked Miss Vickery to video us talking about our town/city/village.
See some incredible examples below.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Year 3 Bookmarks

This afternoon the children had a great time collect leaves to make their bookmarks to support vision aid over seas. We look forward to selling the bookmarks to you on Friday afternoon. They look fabulous!

Calling 999... we need an ambulance!

This week in Reception, the children are learning more about the people who may be able to help us in a real emergency. We have learnt that one might call 999 if they need the firefighters, police officers or an ambulance. This led to a discussion about people who work in the healthcare sector. As well as our emergency ambulance service, we also spoke about doctors, nurses and paramedics who help to keep us safe, and help use to recover if we have been unwell or have hurt ourselves.

The children have enjoyed taking this learning into their role play in choosing time. 

Miss Lawrence had a very unfortunate tumble and hurt her knee.
Luckily, Oliver was able to provide treatment: "I'll just give you this medicine
and you need to rest in on a chair for 5 hours"

Ethan was busy writing up accident reports for the children that he had seen in
his 'office'. Here, he has made a note that "Albie" has a "broken arm"

Year 1 visit the forest - in the immersion room

In the immersion room today Year 1 looked at deforestation. 
 This is a beautiful forest.

We saw images of what the forest looks like when it is cut down.

The wood can be used to make houses, fires, furniture and fences.

Sometimes the land is used to build houses, airports or different crops are planted where the forest once was.

Building a nest for Spiky

We have been learning that hedgehogs build a nest in the Autumn to prepare for hibernating through the Winter. We found out that our friend Spiky's hedgehog had been damaged and he needed a new one! At Forest School we built a new nest for Spiky using twigs and leaves.

Year 4 Andy Griffith Trip

Yesterday afternoon Year 4 visited the Bishops Stortford College Literature Festival where they had the opportunity to meet and speak to Andy Griffith, the author of the Treehouse book collection. The children enjoyed asking Andy questions about his inspiration, his stories and his favourite books. A few lucky children even received signed copies of his books! A great time was had by all. 

Ordering Numbers in a Sequence

This week we are learning how to order numbers in a sequence.

First we looked at consecutive sequences with Numicon. We labelled our sequence with playing cards.

Then we tried to make a consecutive sequence using different visual representations for each number!

Next we will be looking at sequences that are not consecutive and ordering numbers from smallest to greatest and greatest to smallest, using visual representations to help us.

Making Autumnal Bookmarks in the Forest

To raise money for Vision Aid we have been designing bookmarks using the Autumnal colours we see around us. We went to Forest School and collected leaves in beautiful colours, then tore small pieces and stuck them onto our bookmarks. We will be selling them on Friday!