Friday, 26 October 2018

Maths Hunt in the Forest

In the forest this week we went on a shape hunt!

We were looking for the features of shapes which told us what it was.

Here we are working in our house groups to find 2D shapes and tick them off on our sheets

Year 2 Power Of Pictures

During the power of pictures week year 2 have been practising and applying two art skills ready for our year group piece. We have used line art to create black and white butterflies and tinting to create colourful butterflies. Our global goal is number 3: good health and well-being. Our art piece has a well-being focus. We look forward to showing you the finished piece!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Harrison class Topic

This afternoon, Harrison class have been investigative historians, researching various sources to help us decide whether "Aztec sacrifice was cruel, mindless  violence"

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Pupil Forum

Thank you once again to all our class represents for another successful and interesting Pupil Forum.  This week’s discussion centred around the pupils’ views on Equality at Windhill 21.  The children all spoke clearly and had clearly brought some strong opinions from there classmates. Findings from this lively discussion will be shared with the children in assembly and added to the website.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Tri golf - County Finalist

Congratulations to all of the Year 3 and 4 children who attended the Partnership Tri Golf Competition. The children had a fantastic day out showcasing their skills which they had been learning in PE lessons this half term. The competition was hosted at Birchwood High School and was attended by several other local primary schools.
Our children absolutely excelled, they showed great determination and team work to come away with both 1st and 2nd places! Both of the teams scores nearly doubling last years winning score! Remarkable!
The winning team will now go on to represent the partnership at the County Finals in July 2019. We wish the team the best of luck.

Yoga -Health and Wellbeing

Children have been discovering the benefits of yoga on their bodies and mind. We discussed how Yoga is good at helping us to calm and focus the mind as well as helping to prevent injuries in other sports through improving flexibility. The children commented on how calm and relaxed they felt after a Cosmic Yoga session.

Year 6 Oracy - power of picture week

Today, the children having been working as a triad to discuss a question posed from a powerful image. One member of the triad group acted as a Summariser and shared the main issues with the class. 

Monday, 22 October 2018

Fruit salad

On Thursday, the Afternoon nursery children noticed lots of fruit in the snack bowl. This led Miss W to share a book called "Fruit salad". After reading this book the whole group wanted to take part in making a fruit salad to eat at snack time. We used apples, pears, bananas and clementines. 
The children all had a go at peeling fruit and using a knife to chop the fruit safely and enjoyed eating their delicious healthy snack!


Autumn walk fun!

Last Monday, both Nursery classes went for an Autumn walk around the school. We visited  Forest school and found lots of different colours of Autumn as we looked at the changing leaves  around us. We looked for big leaves and small leaves and had fun throwing the leaves up into the air and watching them float down onto us.  Some of the leaves we collected lots of leaves were used to make our bookmarks in support of Vision aid.

A solution to homelessness

‘Should we solve homelessness by giving money to people on the street?’
Today Moore class had a deep philosophical discussion about homelessness.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

What a Wonderful World!

In RE we have been learning about the Creation Story and reflecting on how wonderful our world is. We listened to the song 'What a Wonderful World' and talked in our trios about things that we find wonderful. 

We discussed how wonderful the Autumn colours are and we looked at the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy who uses natural objects to create beautiful creations. We then decided to go to the forest to create our own work that highlights how wonderful the colours of Autumn are.

Part-Part-Whole Models

In Maths we are learning to use part-part-whole cherry models to show how a whole group of objects can be split into two or more parts.

Today we used dominoes to make our part-part-whole models. We rehearsed our speaking frame:

"___ is the whole. ___ and ___ are parts of the whole."

Drama in Year 6

This week, the children have been playing the role of a WW1 soldier.They have been imagining and acting as though they are ready to face a battle on no man’s land. After watching video clips and listening to music, the children carried out in slow motion their final moments as they went over the top of the trenches. The pupils then used these feelings and emotions to write powerful flashback stories. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

2D Shapes

This week in Maths we have been learning how to name and describe 2D shapes such as:


We encourage the children to try and find these shapes in our environment.

Can you try and find some shapes in your home?

This is a fun song you could watch at home to recall the names of shapes.

Happy shape hunting!

Monday, 15 October 2018

Year 5 maths

We have furtherd explored our decimals today by ordering and comparing , using our talking frame and working in pairs .

year 5 maths

Last week in Harrison class we were learning about ordering decimal numbers.
To help us understand we used Wispa bars !

Computing -Year 6

Year 6 were improving their computing skills this morning using excel to calculate their times tables.

5 little teddy bears

Last week the nursery have been counting teddy bears! Our focus rhyme was
"5 little teddy bears jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head, Mummy called the Doctor and the Doctor said "No more teddy bears jumping on the bed."
Poor teddy bears got bumped heads, knees and arms! Fortunately the children were on hand to make them better in our Doctor's surgery role play area.  This led to the children making "Get well" cards for teddy bears and we spoke about people who can them at school, home and the community if they get hurt or are poorly.

This week we will be learning "5 shiny conkers" to link to our learning about Autumn  and the changing season.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Year 3 Newsletter

In English this week the children have been developing their own ideas for suspense story writing. They have been identifying features from existing texts and sharing their own ideas from books they have read. The children will use these ideas in their writing in the coming weeks.

In science we have further developed our understanding of how magnets works at a distance (whilst having lots of fun) through making their own magnet maps or mazes. You can look forward to using these at home when they have been completed. 

The children have also been using their artistic skills this week, not only making their bookmarks for the Vision Aid charity, but also their designing their Christmas cards.

Year 4 newsletter

This week in year 4, we have been busy as scientists, writers and mathematicians. Perhaps the highlight of the week was investigating conductors and insulators in circuits as part of fair testing. Interestingly, raisins and marshmallows are insulators! We also enjoyed working collaboratively to form human sentences in grammar and using the maths skill of reflection to generate Christmas trees for our cards, Next week, we look forward to putting together many of our cross curricular ideas for our hot task.

Why do forests get destroyed?

This week we have continued to explore reasons for why a forest might be cut down. We visited the Immersion Room to experience different forests around the world and wonder at their beauty and the animals that live there.

We then looked at what happens when a forest is destroyed. We saw images that showed the process from one or two trees being cut down to entire forests that had disappeared. We felt very passionate about the images we saw and decided to share our feelings by delivering short speeches to the class.

Finally we looked at images that showed reasons for why a forest might be destroyed. Some images showed things that are made from wood and others showed what else the land might be used for, such as building new housing or extending an airport. 

In Science we have been investigating trees! Today the alien had a new question for us. Do tall trees have fatter trunks than short trees? We decided to find out! We went outside and looked up to see which trees were tallest and which were shortest. We then measured the circumference of the trunks with a measuring tape and discussed our findings.