Thursday, 11 October 2018

Harrison Class French Conversations

In Harrison Class we have been conversing in French.

In French, we introduced ourselves to our partner and then told them all about the area we live in, such as whether it is a small or large town/city/village and what facilities it has, such as a swimming pool, a school or a supermarket. We also told our partner the day of the week we visit this facility, who we visit it with and how we get there.

We had to learn the difference between masculine and feminine words to help our pronunciation and we discussed how this impacts upon the word we use for 'the': either 'le', 'la' or l'

We used a speaking frame to help us structure our conversations and then we wrote our conversations down in French. If we wanted to, we then asked Miss Vickery to video us talking about our town/city/village.
See some incredible examples below.

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