Thursday, 4 October 2018

People who help us!

Today Nursery (am), Cassatt and Degas classes had a visit from the Bishop's Stortford Fire Station. We met Matt, Dean, Nick and Paul who showed the fire engine and told us about what they do in the community.

They showed us the hoses, ladders and lights on the fire engine, but didn't expect them to have a boat!  They even showed us the electric cutters they would use to help rescue people.

Matt showed the nursery children the large bag of food they have to take with them in case the fire takes a long time put out and they get hungry and tired.

Reception were able to dress up in their full costume! Alfie realised it was so heavy and he couldn't even walk in it!

We experienced holding the spray nozzle and realised that was heavy too, it would be hard to hold for a long time during a fire.

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