Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Superhero Projects

Thank you for sharing your home learning with us! We love your Superhero Projects!

Saturday, 6 February 2016


In Philosophy for Children (P4C), we have been discussing different scenarios from the book "Would you rather?"

We chose between having an elephant drink our bath water, an eagle eat our dinner, a hippo sleep in our bed, or a pig try on our clothes! We had great fun discussing and came up with some fairly convincing reasons! Here are just a few...

"I wouldn't have to have a bath if an elephant drank the water!"
"If an eagle ate my dinner, I wouldn't need to eat the broccoli!"
"You wouldn't have to go to bed as early, because there would be no room with a hippo!"
"The pig would look funny in my clothes. It would make me laugh!"

We wondered what you might prefer?

Where's the monkey?

This week Potter class have been learning to use positional words such as on top, under, in front, behind and next to. The children have really enjoyed watching and singing this song all week!