Wednesday, 30 May 2018

2018 Garden Update 1

School Garden Update
The garden is full bloom as we come in to summer. A new bark path has been laid. Greenhouses put up again and are now full of seedlings.

Seed sowing

Years 1-6 have been sowing seeds ready to fill the school garden with colour. A mixture of vegetables and flowers have been sown.

Year 1
Runner beans, Cosmos, Nasturtiums and sweetcorn
Year 2
Wild flowers, Spinach, Cosmos, Nasturtiums and Marigolds
Year 3
Year 4
Pumpkins, Tomatoes and Peppers
Year 5
Cosmos, Runner beans, French beans, Nasturtiums
Year 6
Potatoes, Pumpkins, Sunflowers, Sweet peas and Sweetcorn and Marigolds
Thrive group  
Potatoes and  Marigolds                                                                                                                                                  


The seeds have been germinating in the greenhouses and we have some healthy seedlings. The seedlings are growing quickly into plants that will be ready to be planted out in the raised beds in June.

Nathan Smith  

Thursday, 24 May 2018


This week in Year 4, we have been analysing, innovating ‘Jabberwocky’ from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’. Aside from performing the poem in ‘a wood’, one highlight of the week was combining real adjectives to create our own invented adjectives in the style of Carroll!

Why was Alfred so Great?

Building on last week’s topic work, we created freeze frames and used Seesaw to annotate them to demonstrate why Alfred the Great was so called...

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Year 3 Towns Mummification

Towns Class had an exciting afternoon where they continued to learn about the Ancient Egyptian process of mummification.
They started their lesson debating whether they thought mummification was pointless and wrote their response in a speech bubble.
They then learnt about the different stages of mummification: cleaning, organ removal, brain removal, drying the body, stuffing the body, wrapping the body and placing the body in a coffin.
Next, they worked in groups to role play being High Priests and a Pharaoh - the High Priest had to mummify the Pharaoh using only one roll of toilet paper and some masking tape.
They finally had to debate again, after all their learning, if they thought mummification was pointless and write a final response in a second speech bubble.


Should Punch & Judy shows be closed down?

In Year 1 we have been learning about the Victorian seaside. We received a letter from Frinton Council to tell us that they are considering closing down Punch & Judy shows. We were very upset and wanted to find out why! We watched a video of a Punch & Judy show and talked in our trios.

Some of us thought that the Punch & Judy show was funny. Some of us thought that it was cruel and that Mr Punch was very unkind. We decided that we could keep the puppet show but change the character of Mr Punch so that he is still funny but kind as well!

We made up new stories for the Punch & Judy show using puppets in our table groups before performing them to the rest of the class in our puppet theatre!

Year 3 Towns - French Cooking

Towns Class had a real treat today when they spent an hour making La Mousse au Chocolat.
They have been working hard over the past few weeks to learn how to say the ingredients and utensils they would be using today in French and, judging by the smell when I walked into the staffroom, I would say we had culinary successes all round.



Ooh la la

learning the vocabulary for rooms in French with actions!

Sherlock Gnomes Reading Trip

Image result for sherlock gnomes

Reading Progress Trip - Sherlock Gnomes

Children from across the school are really excited to be going to watch Sherlock Gnomes this afternoon at the local cinema. The 45 children have made excellent progress from the start of the Key Stage in reading. This follows on from last terms Accelerated Reader progress trip to the Harry Potter Studios. Keep on reading!

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The science of skittles

We used skittles to identify what liquids are quickest at dissolving sugar.... the results were surprising...

Mousse au chocolat

Today and tomorrow year 3 are putting their cooking skills to the test. Not only are they making chocolate mousse from scratch but they are completing the recipe using French instructions. Over the last month, the children having been learning new French vocabulary and phrases for cooking. The hardest task now is to not eat all the mousse in one go!

Cat mummification

Today Done Class have been getting crafty creating a mummified cat.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Vegetative Propagation

We have been learning about reproduction in plants. This week we discovered how plants can regrow asexually (by themselves).
We used plant cuttings, rosemary and garlic and planted these in soil. Over the next few weeks we expect them to grow into new plants!

Mini Tee-Pee Tents

We enjoyed a nice afternoon in the forest school making mini tee-pee tents. We worked together collaboratively to make them.

Punishment Vs Reform – Were Victorian Gaols Effective?

Rather than enter our class today, we entered a Victorian Gaol. We were told to count individual grains of rice in complete silence. Some of us then had to exercise by walking up and down on a bench. We then had to walk around the room holding a piece of string 1 metre apart. If we spoke we were moved down the zone board.
After lots of frustration we were told is wasn’t real. This inspired us to explore the punishment and reform in Gaols before deciding whether the policies were effective in turning criminals into model citizens.

We even measured out the size of a cell!!!