Thursday, 5 December 2019

Where is Stickman? Nursery's first trip to the forest.

Today the children listened to the story 'Stick Man' by Julia Donaldson. They really enjoyed joining in with the repetition part ("I'm Stick Man, I'm Stick Man, I'm Stick Man that's me.") and some children even helped Mrs Rooney with some of the rhyming words like jog and dog. We decided to go on an adventure to our school forest to see if we could collect some sticks to make a stick family just like in the story. The children had to follow the instructions and were encouraged to try and get themselves dressed in their wellies, coats, hats and hi-vis jackets. In pairs they walked to the forest. It was very exciting! They all had lots of fun exploring the new space and collected lots of sticks which we will use next week.

Heart rates and Tongo Lizards

Year Six have had a busy week! The children have worked hard on creating wonderful non-chrontological reports all about their imaginary species...the Tongo Lizard. Creativity was in abundance as we learned what their creatures hunt, where they live and what they look like.
The Year Six year group have also been investigating the correlations between exercise and heart rate; and using line graphs to show their data and draw out some interesting and relevant conclusions.

'Let's Play' Early writing in Nursery!

In our carpet session, we read the story ‘Let’s Play’ by Herve Tullet. The children used their gross motor skills to follow the dot through the story making straight lines, up and down curved lines and loop the loop patterns. They enjoyed interacting with the book and sometimes it was like magic as they moved the dot around the page and made it disappear and reappear by clapping and shouting “Za Za Zoom!” The children then got the opportunity to copy their own pattern onto paper. They picked if they wanted to use a pen, pencil or a felt tip. They were encouraged to go from the left side of the paper all the way to the right side as if they were writing. This is the beginning of early mark making, which is the start to writing and the beginnings of forming letters.

Up, up, up and away!!! Our super science day.

We had a thrilling science day in nursery where everyone made a rocket which would zoom into the air when the children blew through the straw attached to the rocket. We had rockets flying everywhere!!

After the morning and afternoon session, Mrs Rooney did a fantastic science experiment firstly making elephants toothpaste then creating a fizzing explosion with mints and fizzy drink. Everyone had to stand back in the nursery garden as the fizzy drinks zoomed incredibly high. The parents and children were so excited watching these experiments and thoroughly enjoyed being part of science day.

Science with Mr Forgham

Yesterday afternoon, Mr Forgham took us for a walk around our school field to identify the different types of trees that grow there. We learnt how to tell if a berry is poisonous (the birds won’t have eaten it!) and the difference between the shapes of trees. We are hoping Mr Forgham will come back next week to help us write our newspaper articles about deforestation!

Hockey professionals in Rousseau

On Friday afternoons in Rousseau class we have been learning how to play hockey. We have been using the skills of dribbling the ball, stopping the ball, passing and attacking. There are lots of rules to follow but Miss Woodcock thinks we have improved so much!

We have enjoyed playing small games in teams of 4 players as it means we need to think of all the new skills we have learnt at the same time! Our expert hockey player so far is Tiaan!

Cracked eggs!

Last week, Rousseau were set a challenge by Professor E. G. G. to build the prototype of an egg parachute for the daredevil eggs at his lab! We used foil, plastic bags, napkins, bin bags and paper towels as the parachute and then made a capsule for the eggs to sit in below. We learnt that the larger the parachute, the slower the egg fell.

Unfortunately... most of our eggs cracked when dropped off a tall railing!

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Christmas time in Reception

In Reception we have been gearing up for Christmas by practising our Nativity play on the big stage! The children have enjoyed the new challenge and have been brilliant! We are looking forward to welcoming you next week to see our shows!

We have also been decorating our classrooms for the festive period! The children are very excited! 


Friday, 29 November 2019

Year 6 Bikeability

This week some of the year 6s have participated in Bikeability. The children have been going out of class everyday to have training on how to cycle safely on the roads. This is a great opportunity and allows the children to go to secondary schools being able to travel independently. The children have really enjoyed this experience and have all come away with level 1 and 2 cycling proficiency qualifications.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Child Initiated Play - Writing in Year 1

The children in Hepworth class and Miro class have been busy showing off their writing this week! We have written a letter to Mrs Moore with reasons as to why she should or shouldn't cut down the forest area in the school and replace it with a playground. We have also been writing about Science Day from last week, recapping on what a hovercraft is, how we made our hovercrafts and what we learnt that day. The children have really impressed us with their writing and their ideas!

Year 1 Subtraction

Year 1 have been focusing on subtraction this week in maths, using bar models and cubes to help us. In pairs, we have been finding the missing parts of the bar models and using the cubes to help us write two subtraction number sentences.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Multiplication mayhem!

Out favrourite way to rehearse times table facts is by competing with each other using Playing Cards.  If you would like to support your child further with this at home, please see our videos on our website!

Year 5 Magritte Gravity

In science, we have been looking at forces. Monday's lesson was all about gravitational pull. We measured the mass of objects (how much matter they are made up of) and weight (how much gravitational pull there is on the object) to see if there was a relationship. On Earth 100g = 1 Newton. Can you work out whether we would have more, less or the same mass and weight on the Moon or on Jupiter?

Monday, 25 November 2019

To build or not to build?

Year 5 have been understanding the background to Donald Trump's rally speeches where he decided to build a wall between USA and Mexico.  We watched video clips and then ranked factual information from the most useful to least useful in terms of what we might want to include in a balanced argument.

Newsletter Year 1

Year 1 have had an exciting fortnight with science day, smoothie making and map investigation work.

The children loved having the opportunity to taste, evaluate and then make their own smoothies. We discussed the nutritional value of these healthy drinks and scored the smoothies out of ten.

During science day the children made their very own hovercrafts and learnt the basics behind air pressure. We also got to watch a very exciting assembly led by someone from the Royal Institute.

We discussed and looked at the key features of a map and made our own map with a relevant key. We introduced a conscience alley to the children and came up with reasons for and against building a motorway through a forest.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Year 3 Newsletter

There's been a lot of science going on in Year 3 this week starting with making the most amazing rockets with Mr Forgham for science day!  We learnt some new vocabulary for the different parts of the rocket (we now know what a fuselage is!) and how to build one out of card and lots of sellotape!  We had such great fun making them and the children worked together brilliantly.  We are very proud of their teamwork, resilience and open-mindedness.   Launching them in the afternoon was very exciting and mostly successful.  A couple even flew over the ball court and nearly reached forest school and these were the furthest out of all 60 rockets in year 3 and 4!  Congratulations to these rocket makers!
We also investigated what makes the best parachutes for eggs and tested 4 different types: kitchen roll, fabric, plastic bag and a bin bag.  We made predictions before we dropped them from the same height.  Most of us thought that the bin bag would be the best because it would collect the largest amount of air inside due to the having the largest surface area.  However, we were incredibly surprised when the only parachute that got the egg safely down to the ground without breaking it was the kitchen roll!!!
Other lessons this week have seen us develop different strategies for adding mentally, learning about the story of Muhammad (PBUH) and his escape from Mecca with the help of a spider and a dove, delving deeper into writing recounts in English and discovering more about Egyptian Gods.

Making the fuselage 

Making the nose cone and fins 
Adding the nose cone

Adding personalised details
The finished article!

The kitchen roll parachute
Not even a crack!