Thursday, 19 October 2017

Half term challenge!

As an optional challenge over the half term, can your Reception child...

... go on a number hunt?

What numbers can you find in the environment? On front doors? On car number plates? On road signs? Focus on identifying numbers 1-10 then, for a trickier challenge, 11-20.

... practise writing their name?

Can you write it with your finger in some sugar? Can you write it with water on the pavement? What does your name begin with? What other words begin with that sound? Focus on copying the name, then writing it independently.

... identify colours?

In readiness for our new topic 'Colours', can you name colours? How can you make different colours?

... but most importantly...

... enjoy your break!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

KS1 P4C club: Hello Yellow!

To celebrate Hello Yellow day, the children in KS1 P4C club thought carefully about their feelings. We used a thermometer to help us to visualise small emotions at the bottom, and big emotions towards the top. 

Some children focused on just one emotion, happiness. They thought about things that made them a little bit happy at the bottom, and things that made them really happy at the top.

Some children thought about how they might get from one emotion to the other, such as sadness to happiness. These children wrote down things that they felt were really sad at the bottom, and things that they knew would make them really happy at the top.

Hello Yellow!

Today, the children in Reception learnt about feelings and emotions for Hello Yellow day.
Here are some of the things that we thought might cheer up a friend in need...

Drawing a friend a butterfly
Talking to a friend or teacher

Playing with your friends
Being in the sunshine

Smiling at people
Being with family

Friday, 13 October 2017

Thank you so much!

Thank you from Degas

Degas Class would like to thank all of their grown ups so much for coming into school today. We had great fun looking at all of the work we have been doing this week.

We have really enjoyed learning all about bubbles, making our own bubble wands and painting with bubbles. We have also loved our autumn walk and becoming artists with pastels and making our own autumn tree pictures.

Hopefully the children impressed you with their scientific knowledge when making our rockets today. 

Thank you again for coming- we hope you enjoyed our open classroom

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Science week in Reception

The children have been partaking in lots of different science activities this week! 

The week started off with a bang, watching Nitro Nick in assembly. He showed the children how a balloon would pop when exposed to a flame, but when the balloon was filled with water, it didn't pop so quickly! He also wowed us with some flames, flashes and even a clear liquid turning into a bright pink one!

The next day, the children went on a nature walk, collecting different coloured leaves and finding signs of Autumn. They were able to discuss seasonal changes and could even talk about how they look after the world around us.

Children also explored bubbles after watching a video about the invention of a bubble wand! We made our own bubble wands out of pipe cleaners and tested their efficacy outside. Even though we made different shaped wands, the bubbles always came out spherical. Children also created artwork with the bubbles, mixing washing up liquid with water and paint. Take a look at some of our creations below!

 We also got a little bit messy making slime using cornflour and water. We were able to make balls of slime if we rolled it very quickly, but as soon as we stopped, the ball would turn back into a liquid. 

The children can't wait to have their grown ups come into school tomorrow to complete their final science craft with them!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Becoming an inventor!

Children in KS1 P4C club have been busy inventing things this afternoon! After watching this animated short, the children discussed whether or not inventions are completely new ideas or whether they are based on something pre-existing. Although some inventions are completely new ("like the wheel" or "like fire") other inventions are adapted versions of something that is pre-existing ("like the cloud blower because it's like a bubble blower").

As the children began to think about what they themselves could invent, they became excited about developing these ideas and problem solving each issue as it arose. For instance, Fenton's Glass Space Robot needed to have a component which recharged its batteries. Aron, who invented the Double Lift (a lift with two doors so people could get out on two floors at once), had to think about how it would function.

So, in the future, watch out for inventions such as Bubble Shoes, Colourful Cloud Blowers and even Star Shaped Planes!

Researching Scientists

The children in Reception have been very busy at home! In preparation for Science week, they researched a Scientist with their grown ups at home, and shared information about them in circle time at the end of the day. Thank you to everyone at home who helped support this learning!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

When is a stick not a stick?

In KS1 P4C club, we were presented with a stick as our stimulus. 

The children were simply asked... What is this?

The children replied that it was a stick, a branch or a twig. They thought Miss Lawrence was being a little silly to forget! Until Fenton thought otherwise...

It could be something else if we imagined!

There was a clear buzz in the room at this contribution and the children watched "Not a Stick" by Antoinette Portis. Children turned to their partners to discuss the endless possibilities! 

A toothbrush!
A microphone!
A fishing rod!
A flower!
An elephant's trunk!
A sword!

The list of things it could be continued, and the children got to work turning their stick into a "not a stick". It was decided that "the only thing the stick couldn't be was a nothing."

Lily imagined it was a toothbrush

A fishing net

The lips of a monster's mouth!