Monday, 18 June 2018

Year 3 Life Bus

Year 3 children had a trip on the life bus last week and learnt all about the body! The children had great fun and have learnt a lot! We look forward to learning more on the life bus next year.

Maths in Riley Class

Last week the children completed an investigation using matchstick shapes to support their understanding of division using their existing multiplication knowledge. It was a successful investigation- keep up the hard work Riley class!

Friday, 15 June 2018

Being a good sport!

Following on from a P4C session about winning and losing, the children in Cassatt decided it might be useful to make up some rules about Sports Day so that people remember to persevere, cheer on their friends, and congratulate the winners. Neirin got to work on creating a Sports Day rule book, and invited his friends to add in their own rules to help people on the big day.

The children flew with this idea! It is always a pleasure to 
see children inspired to grow their brains in choosing time!

"A Book of our Sports Day Rules"

Don't Roll a Six!

Today Miro had so much fun playing 'Don't Roll a Six'! 

Here are the instructions so you can play at home:

1. Roll a dice and write down the number.
2. Roll the dice again, adding that number to the previous number and writing down your new total.
3. Continue rolling the dice and adding the number to your total.
4. If a 6 is rolled, the game is over and your score is wiped back to zero!

What's the highest score you can get to?

Thursday, 14 June 2018

The RLNI visit Year 1

Year 1 had a visit from the RNLI.
They talked about how to keep safe at the seaside.
Always swim between the red and yellow flags. 
 If the red flags are out it isn't safe to swim.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Life Bus Moore class

Moore class thoroughly enjoyed their life bus adventure this afternoon, learning about the balance between conforming with others and celebrating difference. The two highlights of the session were travelling to Conformatron and taking a peek inside our bodies!

Year 6 - criminal justice workshop

Today, the Year 6 children were very lucky to have a visit from a judge from a magistrates court. The children discussed the criminal justice system and the punishments received for certain crimes.  Children worked in groups of three to partake in some role play and shared their thoughts and ideas. 

Who is Harold?

Calling all parents! 
Have you ever wondered who Harold the Giraffe is? Have you been curious as to what is actually in the Life Bus? 
Now is your opportunity to find out.
Tomorrow (Thursday 14.6.18) Nancy from Coram education will be running two parent workshops on the life bus.  Come and see what the sessions are all about and what your child has been learning about this week.
KS1 session is 2.15-3.00
KS2 session is 8.45-9.30
Please sign up at the office for a place.

Year 6 - publishing their writing

During our English lessons, the children have been writing about a busy place. They have analysed and discussed how good authors drop clues for their readers within their descriptions of settings, not using phrases such as: l can hear and I can see.... Children drafted and re-drafted their work and published them on the computers today during IT. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Year 4 rose to the challenge today and agreed to rewrite a Dragonology Guide on behalf of an eminent zoology professor whose work had been destroyed in a house fire. The deadline is tight as it needs to be written, typed and published before the book launches at Waterstones on 9th and 10th July 2018!! Watch this space: all parents are invited!

Where is Dumb Fries?

This question made us all smile today as we combined our maths and geography skills to locate major cities of the United Kingdom. Eventually we located Dumfries in Scotland! It was certainly easier to use the 8 points of a compass than to pronounce the names of some of the cities!

Done Class on the Life Bus

Today Done Class have been learning all about the brain. We enjoyed visiting the life bus and discussing 'Me and My Brain'.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Year 5 Newsletter

It has been a busy first week back. In Literacy we have been learning about presenting arguments using oracy skills. In groups, we have been preparing to go to court where both sides will have to present to the court the prosecution and defence cases on whether why the Wolf was brutally murdered by Brick Pig or not. We watched the police break in and examined evidence before writing our opening statement. The court date is on Monday 11th of June and the children are excited to see who wins the case.

In maths, we have been solving multi-step word problems by drawing models to prove the answers. It is great to see all children developing fluency and confidence in their approach to solving a range of problems.

We have also focused on asking powerful questions in P4C. We have discussed deeply the themes of friendship, hope and our feelings about us and the environment.

We developed a range of wonders around these themes.

'I wonder if we take for granted the things that are important'
 'I think hope is believing something will change'
'I hope in the future I make the right decisions'

Developing Sketching Skills

We have been using a range of mark making techniques to illustrate historic punishments. The illustrations mainly used cross hatching and soft shading.

We had to plan out where each part would go so that the composition would fit carefully on the whole page.

Are Modern Prison Systems Too Soft?

This week we discussed how jail systems in the UK, Russia and Norway were run. In groups we played a game of 'True or False in Jail',We were shocked by what prisoners were given - especially computer games and pet birds.

We firstly shared what we felt a prison should be like by playing thumbs up, thumbs down using a video. Some thought they should be harsh and difficult places for prisoners. On the other hand, some felt that the prisoners were entitled to education and care.

We found out that in Norway, prisons seems to be nice places and, although considered soft, the re offending rate was lower than others.After, we discussed what a prison should then be like based on our learning.

Rocking the Times Tables

In year 5, we are continuing to work hard on our times tables. Each day we are working to get quicker and quicker!!

See how we rock to Nirvana!!

Friday, 8 June 2018

Year 4 newsletter

We can’t believe that it has only been a week since half term as we have packed in so much! One of our highlights was discovering that maybe Alfred the Great was not so great after all... According to his Anglo Saxon law book,  he considered theft from church a greater crime than murdering a pregnant lady! As for trial by ordeal... Little wonder that we all wanted to recast our votes. We have also begun our new science topic of rocks by investigating and recording the properties of rocks. Who knew that chalk would dissolve in water or that slate was useless for carving? We had a lot of fun sketching rocks though and paying close attention to detail. On Thursday, 25 children from Year 4 went to a rugby festival at the Bishop’s Stortford Rugby Club organised by Saracens and Birchwood High School. The children enjoyed their friendly games and were excellent ambassadors for the school in terms of behaviour. Well done them!

What a shock we had after half term! We came into the classroom to find stuffing from a cushion all over the floor, eggs inside the hole in the cushion and droppings in the corners!  We thought it might be dragon eggs and were a bit concerned until we received a letter from the Dragon Association at the National History Museum explaining that they need our help to complete a book about dragons.  They had one report already about a Hertfordshire Ridgeback and, after reading it, we thought this might be the culprit of the mess!  But don't panic, it's a small dragon and is vegetarian!  Phew!  So, in order to help the museum, we have been busy learning about writing reports and learning our model to help us write some over the next few weeks.
In Maths we have begun learning about 2D shape and went on a shape hunt around the school.  We learnt about the properties of shapes, including lines of symmetry!  Science lesson have seen us begin a new unit about materials and Mrs L and Mrs Bassett took the children on a Material Safari!  They weren't just looking for different materials around the school but also had to decide why that material was chosen for that purpose.   We have also been busy learning our space themed songs for our music festival in a couple of weeks.  They are great songs and really get stuck in your head!

Year 3 Hatfield Forest Trip

Year 3 have had a fantastic day at Hatfield Forest. We were extremely lucky with the weather and enjoyed some brilliant activities.

Towns class started the day with their den building in the woods and finished off the afternoon looking for bees and other pollinators, learning all about the importance of bees. They finished this activity playing the flower and bee pollinator game - it was great fun!

Done class started the day with a woodland study learning about and searching for different trees and their leaves as well as different animal habitats. They finished off the afternoon with some very grand den building.

Riley class began the day with a bee study, finding out about the role bees have in our lives and we were able to see where these incredible insects pollinate the beautiful flowers of Hatfield Forest. Riley class finished off the day den building alongside Done class and also created some spectacular structures.