Saturday, 20 January 2018

Done class Science

Do taller people have bigger feet? 
Done class have been finding out by measuring their height and the length of their feet using cm. 

Friday, 19 January 2018

Moore class go miniature!

After learning how to construct emergency shelters in Antarctica, we put our survival skills to the test in the forest.  Using the same principles, we created mini-shelters for mini-men!

Riley Class Science Investigation

This week in science Riley class have been investigating to find out if taller people have bigger feet. We have proven his to be incorrect as we have found many examples of children in our class who have bigger feet than someone who is taller than them. The children used their measuring skills to measure height and foot length in metres and centimetres to prove this. 

Exploring plant growth

This week, Reception have been looking at plant growth, inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk. 
Have a look at some of the things we've been doing.

Poppy and Ben have been using "Kiddle"
to research plants on the iPads
Riley has been measuring beanstalks with cubes
to find out which one was the tallest and shortest

Ashleigh decided to write a list about what
a plant needs to grow healthily

Fishy Fun in Year 1!

In Science, Year 1 are learning all about animals! Today we went to the Immersion Room to look really closely at fish and their features. When we came back to the classroom there were REAL FISH on our tables! We loved exploring them and looking closely at their scales, fins, gills and teeth!

What do plants really need to grow?

In Science this week we looked at what plants really need to grow and have created an investigation to see if this is true or not. We decided that plants need sunlight, soil, water and warmth to grow. We split ourselves into 4 groups and to test whether this is true or not each group has removed one of these variables. Let's see what happens over the coming weeks!

Goldilocks and the three bears

This week Nursery have been continuing their learning about Goldilocks and the three bears! We have been making delicious porridge and noticing how the texture of the mixture changes as we cooked it! 
We tried lots of different toppings on our porridge- banana, raisins, honey and cinnamon! Delicious!! 

At story time some the children helped Miss Woodhouse tell the story of Goldilocks and the three bears using props and dressing up clothes. Later the children began to tell the story using these props without adults in their choosing time repeating phrases from the story such as "Somebody's been eating my porridge." 

"Once upon a time there was a little girl called Goldilocks...."

"Suddenly the chair broke and Goldilocks fell off and ended up with her legs in the air.."
""Whose been sleeping in my bed" said Daddy bear...."

Thursday, 18 January 2018

SCARF: Teamwork

Today in circle time we talked about the topic of teamwork. Our friends Harold and Kiki were playing and Derek was feeling a bit sad and lonely. We thought about what Derek could do to help him feel better and how he could join in with his friends.

We said that Derek should say "Please can I play with you?" So that he could join in.

We practiced being Harold, Kiki and Derek and acted out the scenario with our friends. Derek had to say "please can I play?" So he could join in with his friends playing.

Michael, Payton and Elliot act it out

Francis, Noah and Evie acting with their puppets

Hugo asks nicely if Derek can play. 

Into the Labyrinth - Year 6

Night has fallen across the land, showing no mercy here I stand, into the Labyrinth I bravely go, slash and kill, destroy my foe!
Today the Year 6 children are writing powerful setting descriptions inspired by our amazing immersion suite and Mrs Mcfarlane :) 

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Air has a mass!

This week in science in Year 4 we have been learning about the properties of air through lots of hands on activities. Did you know:

- air has a mass? If you don't believe me, check out the balloons below...
- air can be moved?
- air can move objects?
- water can replace air in sponges and cups?

Hockey is so one-sided!

Today Moore class had their first hockey lesson of the year, learning how difficult it is to guide a ball when you are only allowed to use one side of the hockey stick!

Equaliteam meeting- 17/1/18

Today we held the very first Equaliteam meeting.
The following children attended the meeting today:-
Sam L
Tom H
Today we all introduced ourselves, talked about our responsibilities being part of the team and talked about bullying and why people would bully. Zain said that bullying meant over and over again.
Sam said that it can happen for a long time.

Theseus and the Minotaur - drama in Year 6!

Today, the Year 6 children have been getting into the role of Theseus as he enters the Labyrinth. Using drama techniques and chanting, the children empathised with the character. 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Calling all budding authors!

Have a look at the link below if you want to take part in the BBC 2 story writing competition! The children are buzzing about it already!

KS1 P4C club

Today in P4C club, our stimulus was Agent Communicator.

The children were asked to think about what it meant to be a good listener. Charlotte suggested that a good listener is someone who tracks the speaker and doesn't fidget and Lily added that when you are listening you can't talk at the same time. 

This got us thinking about our enquiry question...
Is it always good to listen?

Sophie immediately answered with a definite no "because if they are a bad person you don't want to listen to them". Charlotte agreed and added "you shouldn't listen to strangers". Everyone agreed with this statement. Rosa suggested that "perhaps it depends on who it is you're listening to - if they're a teacher or something like that, you should listen. But if someone is saying something that might scare you, you should just not listen, especially if it's just before bed". We all agreed with this and Aron concluded that a lot of the time we should use our listening skills "especially with our mummys and daddys and teachers and police officers".

Following on from our discussion, the children designed a creature that would be an excellent listener. Features included "19 eyes", "feet that don't stomp", "echo location" and "huge ears". Three children chose to draw Rudolf "because he has to listen carefully to Santa's instructions".

What games do children like to play in Africa?

Today we learned that children in Africa love to play football, just like we do! We also learned that some children in Africa can't afford to buy a leather football, so they make their own footballs by recycling other things. We watched a video that showed us how to make a football from plastic bags and newspaper and decided to have a go ourselves! We then played football with it outside!

Monday, 15 January 2018

How do you tell the time in Antarctica?

In Moore class today, we discovered that Antarctica has no time zone because (like the segments in an orange) the time zones join at the Poles. While we munched on our oranges (aka globes) we understood that this meant that people in Antarctica adopt the time zone of their home country.