Thursday, 19 April 2018

Where did all that food go?

In year 4 in Science this week we have understood about making poo! Using potato mashers for teeth, sieves for large intestines and green washing up liquid for bile, we followed the journey of beans on toast throughout the body.... the results were authentic (apart from the smell)... somebody (not mentioning any names) even had an ‘accident’ on the table...

The caterpillars have arrived!

Day 1

The caterpillars arrived today! We noticed how tiny each caterpillar was. 
We are really looking forward to watching them grow.

Searching for Minibeasts in the forest

Cassatt have been looking for Minibeasts in the forest this afternoon! We found lots of worms, centipedes and woodlice hiding underneath the logs. After reading the Bog Baby, we remembered that we must make sure we look after the creatures by putting them back in their homes.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Year 4 Topic launch....with coprolites???

We’ve used a variety of sources of evidence in other topics to learn about how people lived in the past (photos, diaries, newspapers, artefacts) but we went one step further with the launch of our Viking topic.... we analysed ‘Viking poo’ to discover what Vikings ate and  how they may have cooked. Interestingly, we found that they ate a lot of bread, fruits (including apples) and fish. Most interesting of all, we concluded that they must have used stones in cooking or food making because they seemed to have inadvertently eaten several small stones!

Year 3 have met an Egyptian character

Today and yesterday Year 3 got to interview their teachers dressed up as a rich Egyptian character. Done Class met 'Meret' wife to the pharaoh's tomb designer. The children were able to ask questions about Meret's past and uncover answers using the artefacts found in her tomb.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Year 3 Bali Fundraiser on Monday 26th March 2018

First of all, a massive well done to all of Year 3 for their hard work and professional performances to their parents at our Bali Fundraiser this afternoon.

A massive thank you to our parents for all your cake donations and support.

After a short presentation explaining what they had learnt about natural disasters, children then sold their bags and badges, which they had designed themselves, as well as cakes which were kindly made or bought by our children and their parents.

Our grand total this afternoon that we will be sending to help the children of Bali is.........................................£353.65 (and still counting)!

Year 3 - Start of Ancient Egyptian Topic

Year 3 had an exciting start to their new topic, Ancient Egyptians, today as many children brought in items of Ancient Egyptian jewellery they had made at home during the Easter holidays and Riley and Towns Classes were visited by a time travelling Ancient Egyptian who they were allowed to question regarding what daily life was like in Egypt. Done class will be visited tomorrow.
Some of the questions asked by Towns class:
  1. What food do you eat in Ancient Egypt?
  2. What are your houses like in Ancient Egypt?
  3. Is your Pharaoh mean and strict?
  4. What is life like for women in Ancient Egypt?

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Enterprise News

Building Playgrounds in Year 1

We have been looking at photographs of playgrounds in the UK and playgrounds in Africa. We looked at a playground in Kenya where there was no equipment for children to play with so we decided we would design a playground for them. First we went outside to look at our own adventure playground and we studied the joining techniques. We spotted welding and lots of nuts and bolts. 

Back in the classroom we practised joining techniques using cardboard tubes. We learned how to fringe the end of the tube to attach tubes to the base. We then worked in groups to build our designs.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Aliens Love Underpants!

This week in Reception, there have been some funny goings on! On Monday, our number line mysteriously went missing after we read the story 'Aliens Love Underpants'. The children decided to make the Aliens a new number line with paper that they cut into the shape of underpants so that they would give us back our numbers in exchange!

We'll have to wait and see if the Aliens will be happy to swap!

Monday, 26 March 2018

Year 2 Chocolate Showcase

Last Wednesday year 2 had their chocolate showcase. They did a fantastic job of showing off their new chocolate bar creations through their advertisements, prototype bars, tasting plate and posters. They had a great afternoon and felt very proud which is shown by their lovely, smiley faces!

Year 2 Newsletter

What a busy week in year 2! We had an amazing time preparing for our chocolate showcase last week and the children did a fabulous job! They wrote and filmed adverts, made their chocolate bar, wrapped it, designed a poster and table cloth as well as compiling a 'journey of chocolate' poster! They did a great job at talking about all things chocolate and advertising their bar! We can't wait for our new topic 'Dungeons and Dragons' next term!

Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Snow Centre

Friday saw the first of the two Spring Snow Centre trips. Children on this trip were returning for the second time and were aiming to improve previously learnt skills. All children demonstrated more independence with the use of their equipment and quickly remembered previously learnt skills. By lunch time all children on ski's were making 2 or 3 clear turns down the learner slope and the snowboarders were refining their heel edge and toe edge techniques into consistent skills.

The group settled down at lunch time for a nice cooked meal to warm themselves up and recharge their batteries ready for the afternoons sessions. Although they were all exhausted from the mornings lessons, the children excitedly shared stories and experiences of the morning activities over lunch and watched more experienced skiers and snowboarders from the ski lodge window.

After lunch the skiers started to move further up the slop to increase the length of their runs whilst linking controlled turns. The snowboarders were starting to traverse across the slope using a falling leaf technique. At the end of the day the children received progress medals from their instructors who were super impressed with their behaviour, attitude and perseverance.

More to follow after the second trip.

County Gold Medalists

Congratulations to the year 3 and 4 gym team who went to the County Finals on Wednesday 21st March and won the gold medal! The children out performed 9 other schools at the competition to be crowned County Champions. The team have worked incredibly hard to perfect these routines and all their hard work and commitment has paid off.

Mousse au Chocolat

On Wednesday year 5 got cooking- making ‘Mousse au Chocolat’ It was the culmination of several French lessons where the children learnt vocabulary and phrases to help them follow the recipe. It was brilliant to see them all willing to give the French a go, as well as getting a bit messy separating eggs and mixing the mousse! The results were also rather yummy. 

Year 5 Surrealism Art

In art this week, we were introduced to the 1930's work of Dali. We discussed the features of surrealism to generate our own ideas. We decided to choose a human feature and combine it with one of nature.

We started by drawing our human feature and then sketched our ideas carefully around it. Our next step is to paint our designs using water colour to replicate the tone of surrealist paintings.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Dinosaur yoga adventure

Today we went on a dinosaur yoga adventure with Mrs Thompson!! We journeyed back through time in our space machines to discover volcanoes erupting with hot lava and dinosaurs roaming the earth! But first we had to make our bodies calm by practicing our belly breathing. To help us Mrs Thompson brought us some belly buddies!

The children were soon experts at making their belly buddies go up and down as they breathed in and out. After we were calm we were able to discover lots of different kinds of dinosaurs and practiced stretching and bending our bodies to look like different dinosaurs!

Ready to erupt like a fiery volcano

Flying like a Pterodactyl 

The Nursery teachers were so impressed by the super listening skills the children showed as they wholeheartedly joined in the sessions. As we left Ronnie told his friend "That was really fun!"  A great session for all!! Thank you Mrs Thompson from "The Wonder tree"!