Thursday, 30 June 2016


This week, Reception visited Storyland to become the character of Billy from Billy's Beetle! We discussed showing emotion through facial expression and body language, and how we might feel if we lost something and then found it again.

"Sad", "Tearful", "Jealous", "Upset"

"Happy", "Glad", "Excited", "Jumping for joy"

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

EYFS Garden Party

Thank you to everyone who attended the Early Years Garden Party! We had a wonderful time, and the children put on an incredible show for us! A very special thank you to the parents and carers that took time and care in organising the day for us; we simply could not have done it without you.

Getting ready to perform!

The cakes you donated looked absolutely delicious.

Enjoying a lovely sunny day with a cuppa and a cake!

An excellent turn out! Thank you all for coming!

The very tempting raffle prizes

Here come the minibeasts...!

Working the crowd!

Degas class surprised us all with an incredible Superworm rap!

The children were a wonderful audience for their friends.

The children in Potter class delighted us all with their rendition of Buzz Buzz!

Cassatt class got us all moving to the tune of Can You Move With Me?

The children had a really incredible morning, and were so excited to see all the grown ups in the audience. Today, we discussed how we felt nervous, excited and really relieved that it went so well (and that the sun shone brightly for us)! 

From the teachers, we cannot thank you all enough for your support to make this Garden Party possible. Thanks to your generosity and donations, we have raised £500 to go towards improving the Early Years garden for the children to play and learn in. 

So, thank you... to everyone who volunteered their time to support with organisation... to those of you who donated cakes or raffle prizes... to those of you who attended... to the effort put in to the costumes... we truly cannot thank you enough!

The children spoke today about being so happy that you could cry. That definitely describes the EYFS team with how the day went!!!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Sponsored Bike Ride

This week in Degas we took part in our sponsored bike ride to raise money for our link school in Uganda.

We had so much fun cheering on our friends and making our way around the track in the early years garden.

Well done to all of the children who took part and demonstrated perseverance.

Thank you for the sponsorship money you have been handing in this week!

Oh the ant-icipation!

In Reception, we have been watching our ant farm over the past week. We collected our ants from the Early Years garden and the forest, making sure that they were the same species. 

Finding ants was hard work!

We carefully put the ants into our ant farm. They were really fast and kept running out again! We were really patient waiting for the ants to settle into their new home. We kept them well watered and fed them with apple. 

The ants huddling around their eggs to protect them

Yesterday, we noticed tunnels starting to appear! We also have noticed that our ants have a brood, meaning they are laying eggs. The eggs hatch quite quickly so we think our ant farm might become very crowded if they continue to breed.

Tunnels starting to appear


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Cassatt's trip to Pizza Express!

Today we visited Pizza Express to learn about making Pizzas!
When we arrived, we transformed ourselves into little chefs, with hats, aprons and freshly washed hands.

We learnt about the different ingredients in the sauce.

 We tasted some of these ingredients, including some unusual ones, like olives, goat's cheese, anchovies and jalepenos! We weren't at all sure about the strong flavours...!

The sauce looked delicious. One tin of the tomato sauce used contained 156 tomatoes, and 2 basil leaves.

We really liked the smell of the basil.

We spread the sauce on out dough bases, making sure to spread it evenly. After this, we added mozzarella cheese and some basil to taste.

After making our pizzas, we walked back through town where we met a very friendly policeman! He helped us to cross the road safely.