Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Cassatt's trip to Pizza Express!

Today we visited Pizza Express to learn about making Pizzas!
When we arrived, we transformed ourselves into little chefs, with hats, aprons and freshly washed hands.

We learnt about the different ingredients in the sauce.

 We tasted some of these ingredients, including some unusual ones, like olives, goat's cheese, anchovies and jalepenos! We weren't at all sure about the strong flavours...!

The sauce looked delicious. One tin of the tomato sauce used contained 156 tomatoes, and 2 basil leaves.

We really liked the smell of the basil.

We spread the sauce on out dough bases, making sure to spread it evenly. After this, we added mozzarella cheese and some basil to taste.

After making our pizzas, we walked back through town where we met a very friendly policeman! He helped us to cross the road safely.

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