Tuesday, 18 October 2016

P4C - gendered clothing

Children have been sharing their ideas about clothing. 
We looked at clothing and dress from different cultures, which challenged the children's thoughts.

Image result for boys cultural dress  Image result for boys cultural dress Image result for boys kilt

After our discussions, children designed an outfit for a person, taking into account our discussions from the enquiry.

"A dress for a boy"

"A colourful outfit for a boy"

"A boy with a necklace"

"A girl wearing trousers"

"A boy wearing earrings"

"A boy wearing traditional dress"

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Yoga Stories

As part of Marvellous Minds week, the children took part in a yoga session by Mrs Thompson, from the WonderTree. Children explored different ways of movement though yoga stories, experimenting with strength, breath, balance and posture. 


Thursday, 6 October 2016

What makes a good teacher?

In P4C club, we were discussing what a 'good teacher' looked like. Here are a few of the quotes from the children...

"A good teacher helps us grow our brains and challenges us to be even better" 
"If we just go for the 2 star challenge they tell us to go for the 3 star one because they think we can do it" 
"My teacher believes in me" 
"A good teacher is helpful and kind and helps us be the Agents" 

Now, even though it seems us teachers are doing well from the children's point of view, we have all also been advised to... "Buy sweets for all the children every single day"   ... :)

Number Hunt!

This week, Reception have been number detectives. Some pesky 'number-saurus' dinosaurs have been on the loose in the outside area! Children were given the mission to find these cheeky creatures and put them back in their correct order ready to return home.

Children have really enjoyed finding and ordering numbers this week. 
I wonder what numbers you can spot in your environment?