Friday, 5 October 2018

Maleficent Finale

This week in English, we wrote the conclusions to our traditional tale setting. We focused on varying our sentences openers and structures. We have used plenty of exciting vocabulary choice and we will be publishing for display next week!!

Here are a few incredible snippets:

'Fear growing inside of her, she blindly stumbled over the terrain's mossy undergrowth. The shadows the castle cast, clambered over the muddy moors making her think twice. Lightning struck the towering trees as rain started to beat a deathly rhythm upon the battlements' Maggie Heath

'He looked around and saw the lights at the top of the castle flicker. Suddenly, becoming aware of his surroundings, he started to sprint through the deformed trees. Fog enclosing on him like a suffocating cocoon' Bruno Payne

'I knew it would be an exhausting and perilous encounter. There it stood. Like a thousand eyes, windows illuminating an eerie glow with a ghost-like mist arising from the inside. It was a sinister castle casting a challenge ahead' Lexie Pyne

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