Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Calling 999... we need an ambulance!

This week in Reception, the children are learning more about the people who may be able to help us in a real emergency. We have learnt that one might call 999 if they need the firefighters, police officers or an ambulance. This led to a discussion about people who work in the healthcare sector. As well as our emergency ambulance service, we also spoke about doctors, nurses and paramedics who help to keep us safe, and help use to recover if we have been unwell or have hurt ourselves.

The children have enjoyed taking this learning into their role play in choosing time. 

Miss Lawrence had a very unfortunate tumble and hurt her knee.
Luckily, Oliver was able to provide treatment: "I'll just give you this medicine
and you need to rest in on a chair for 5 hours"

Ethan was busy writing up accident reports for the children that he had seen in
his 'office'. Here, he has made a note that "Albie" has a "broken arm"

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