Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Broken Watermelon!

This week in Reception our focus story is 'The Enormous Turnip.'

On Monday Miss Clarke showed the children the watermelon she had been growing for the 'Grow the Biggest Watermelon' competition. She was due to take the watermelon to the competition next week. The children made sure that nobody was allowed to touch it and certainly not pick it up.

On Monday at 11.45am Mrs Williams was spotted picking up the watermelon and further to this hid it from Miss Clarke! The Degas Detectives were able to find the watermelon and put it back on the step where it was being carefully watched over.

On Tuesday morning Miss Clarke came into school to find the watermelon gone!! The children searched everywhere but were unable to locate the watermelon! Upon going outside to play the Reception children found the watermelon smashed in the Early Years Garden!

They quickly began to search for clues and created a list of possible suspects:

  • Mrs Williams
  • Mrs Erdogan
  • Miss Lawrence
  • Miss Woodhouse
  • Mrs McCormick
  • Miss Butt
  • Mrs Moore

    The children used their Detective skills to interview the suspects asking questions such as: "Did you throw the watermelon?", "What is your favourite fruit?", "When did you last see it?"

    They questioned the suspects and recorded what they said:

Mrs Moore also released a statement:

"Dear Miss Clarke I was so shocked to see that your watermelon had been crushed in the playground today. You must be so disappointed after nurturing it for such a long time. I cannot think for the life of me who would have done such a thing! I can only think that someone would have been so jealous of your success that they had tried to destroy it. Last night I went around the school checking that everything was locked up and I did not see anything suspicious - in fact I spotted the watermelon on you step in front of the whiteboard and I admired it. The crime must have been committed the following morning. I would like to add that I could not be a suspect as I was in Waitrose buying party food for my tea party that afternoon. I hope this helps and that you track down the culprit. I will come and see you soon to find out how you have got on. Mrs Moore"

The children continued on a hunt:

However the mystery continues......

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  1. Love the blog :) Lola has been keeping us up to date on the mystery of the watermelon, sounds very exciting. For the record, Lola has interviewed me, her dad and her brother Alex (at some length!!) and we're all off the hook, phew!!! Sounds like great fun ��