Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Pink is the best colour ever!

Pink is the best colour ever!

In P4C (Philosophy for Children) this week we have been exploring the statement:
"Pink is the best colour ever!"

The children were using their thinking thumbs for the first time to share their opinions on whether or not they agreed or disagreed with this statement.
Here are some of their opinions:

Frida: "No because yellow is a bit more brighter."

Alfie G: "I like green and green is only dark. Pink is light and I like dark things to play with."

Elliot: "I love white because I like trains and trains have white on them. I love white and pink."

Evie: "Yes (I agree) because pink is my favourite colour."

Alfie B: "Black is the best colour because everyone wears black jumpers."


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