Monday, 21 January 2019

Year 4 Newsletter

It seems like much longer than 10 days that we have been back at school when we reflect on everything that we have learnt so far! We started the term by considering our key question “Should people go to Antarctica?” . Then we reviewed historical evidence (diaries, photographs and letters) in order to piece together the events of Captain Scott’s final expedition. After learning about this tragic adventure, most of  us concluded that people should not go to Antarctica because it is too dangerous! In literacy, we have also begun learning about Shackleton’s subsequent  trip to Antarctica as we acquired our sea legs on board the Endurance. We practised scrubbing the decks and climbing the rigging before setting sail for Buenos Aires. We will learn more about Shackleton and use key parts of this story as a stimulus for writing first person narratives this term. In Science we have been sorting materials into liquids and solids and asking ourselves why some solids can be poured! This last week has also been very special for Moore class as they welcome two teachers from Shanghai for maths.

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