Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Is it ever OK to break the rules?

Following on from kindness week, the children explored unkind acts 
through rule breaking. We watched this clip to spark our thoughts for our enquiry. 

We discussed how sometimes the emergency services might have to break the rules, like going through red lights, as the situation is really urgent. Children then came up with some of the "most naughty" things they could think of, where it would never be OK to do (like stealing or hurting somebody). They also thought of some "less naughty" things, like making yourself messy when your mum has already done your hair! 

Nicky thought if would always be best to ask someone in charge before breaking a rule, like stealing some food for a starving person. Most people agreed with this thought, but some children thought that this counted as an emergency situation which would save someone's life.

Very interesting thoughts from P4C club today!

How naughty do you think these acts are...?

Pushing someone into the water.

Tripping someone over by accident, but not saying sorry.

Pulling a cross face at a friend.

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