Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Spellings Unit 1

Read Write Inc. Spelling 3

Unit 1: Adding the prefixes dis- and in-

Dear Parents/ Carers,
We have now started using the Read Write Inc Spelling programme in Y2-Y6. This involves 15 mins of spelling practice each day. The words below are the spellings that the children are learning in class at the moment. We would really appreciate your support in helping your child to be able spell these words.

Prefixes are groups of letters that we can add to the front of a word to change its meaning. The prefix u-n-, un, means ‘not’ or the opposite of something. The prefixes d-i-s-, dis, and i-n-, in, share almost the same meaning as un-Some root words use un- and others use dis- or in- and we just have to learn them as we say, read and spell them.

  1. disagree 
  2. disappear
  3. disapprove
  4. dishonest
  5. dislike
  6. incapable
  7. incomplete
  8. incorrect
  9. independent
  10. invisible
  11. unhappy
  12. unkind
  13. unlock
  14. unsafe

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Rust, Mrs Emery and Mrs Mardlin 

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