Wednesday, 28 February 2018

A visit from a Dragon...

This week, the children in Reception had a lot to clear up at tidy up time... only, none of the mess was made by them! The children were shocked to find lots of screwed up tissues all over the floor, some with burnt holes right through the middle. It was all very puzzling, until we found a letter...

To Reception

I am sorry I made such a 
mess in your classrooms
I have a bad cold and keep 
sneezing out fire!

From Mr Dragon

The children cleared up the tissues in no time, making sure they washed their hands afterwards! Harley suggested that we should try to make the dragon feel better, so we decided to write letters to him to advise him on how to get well. The children suggested that he get lots of rest, drink plenty of water and eat fruit and vegetables. Neirin added, "if he is very poorly then he could go to the doctor who might give him some cough mixture". Zak thought the dragon might even need some ice cream to sooth his sore throat!

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