Thursday, 1 February 2018

P4C in Reception

Reception have been thinking about the characters that are depicted in traditional tales, and how some of them seem to be 'good' and some seem 'bad'. Today the children met Daddy Bear and Goldilocks and were able to ask them questions. 

First, Daddy Bear sat in the hot seat, and he was very grumpy indeed. He was so cross that Goldilocks had made Baby Bear so upset, that he thought...

"All little girls are naughty!"

The children agreed that Goldilocks shouldn't really have eaten their porridge or even entered a house that wasn't hers. Some thought that this definitely made her a 'bad' character. 

After that, the children had a chance to question Goldilocks. She was a funny girl, bubbly and very curious in nature! She explained that she just loved porridge SO much and the smell was simply too enticing. The children warmed to Goldilocks very much. Ashleigh told Goldilocks that we had lots of books about her in our classroom, and this made her very excited! She asked if she was the hero and was very upset to hear that she was the 'naughty' character. She explained that she know sometimes she can make the wrong decisions but she hoped that the children still thought well of her.

After some discussion, the children decided that Daddy Bear was wrong "because the girls in our class aren't naughty and our mummies and sisters aren't naughty... and Goldilocks isn't really naughty, she just made the wrong choice... maybe she could say sorry and grow her brain"

The children then took on the roles of Goldilocks and Daddy Bear in 
their choosing time and role played conflict resolution. Goldilocks managed
to convince Daddy Bear that she wasn't naughty and he was happy to say
he had changed his mind. They even put a date in the diary for Goldilocks to come 
round for porridge whilst they fixed Baby Bear's chair!

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