Friday, 29 March 2019

Exploring our world

This afternoon, children in Reception used Google Earth to explore different parts of our world. We spoke about the different colours on the Earth's surface and what each one represented, discovering that the coldest and hottest places were likely to be less green. After some excited discussion about what the Earth looked like, the children were keen to find out where different places were. From Windhill21, to Cape Verde, Barbados to the Arctic, children were amazed at what they saw!

During their own choosing time, a number of children decided to carry on exploring with an adult on Google Earth, and some children chose to label the different countries on our class globes. Sam studied the globe carefully, asking questions about areas that sparked interest. Logan spent his entire afternoon labelling parts of the globe, like "North Pole" and "America" and enjoyed looking at the different colours of each area of land. 

If you would like to explore our world at home, 
take a look at Google Earth and see where it takes you!

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