Thursday, 7 March 2019

Please Wolf, don't eat Grandma!

Today, the children came in suited and booted, ready for World Book Day! The theme of traditional tales meant that children came dressed in as all sorts of characters, from gingerbread people to cheeky foxes, royalty to porridge-loving bears! The children in Reception were particularly worried however when they heard about what happened to poor old Grandma...

"Please Wolf, don't eat Grandma!"

The children visited Grandma in her home in the woods during the day, where they heard all about her terrible ordeal with a wolf! After the woodcutter freed Grandma by shaking him upside down, Little Red tried to convince the wolf to eat other foods instead. However, the wolf was having none of it! So the children set to work brainstorming ideas in their groups, thinking of what foods the wolf might like to eat instead of poor unsuspecting Grandmas!

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