Friday, 3 May 2019

Stay and play session

Thank you to everyone who attended today's stay and play sessions with your child. It was so wonderful to see children and parents take part in the variety of phonics and literacy activities that were set up. The atmosphere was so positive and the children's behaviour was fantastic! They truly did show off their "fantastic phonics skills" as they confidently showed their grown ups how to play these games. Well done Nursery! We are so proud of you today!

The Bus game! Only things that begin with a "b" can ride the bus today! Can spider ride the bus?

Practicing writing our names! Using chalk at the big board today! You could try this one on the patio in the garden or in the sand tray for a sensory experience!

"I spy" using puzzles. These puzzles might look easy but when you add in the challenge of listening for the initial sound they become much trickier. A great way to play with siblings who are older and younger!
Reading a story! My favourite part of the day! Add in a new question tonight, before you even open the book take time to look at the front cover and see if you can predict what the story will be about.

"Peg a rhyme" We love this activity as it's fun to listen to the words that rhyme and it helps develop the children's fine motor skills by squeezing the different pegs to match the rhyme.

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