Friday, 17 May 2019

Year 3 Newsletter

Bonjour!  Cette semaine, nous avons appris à faire de la mayonnaise en français!  
Hello!  This week we have been learning how to make mayonnaise in French! There were lots of giggles watching Mrs Moore and Mrs Millward's video which took us through the different ingredients, equipment and the procedure.  Now we are starting to learn the vocabulary so that we can make our own mayonnaise with them in June.  

Maths lessons have seen us using some new strategies to help us learn the times tables.  We've been doubling and halving with a focus on our 8 times tables and now know how to halve 3 digit numbers too.  We are still really enjoying race for recall and are making good progress! 

Our journey with fables continues as we have planned and started writing our own!  It's not an easy task but we are working incredibly hard and persevering as always.  Watch this space for some finished fables soon. 

We have also been creating our 'Network Hands' which show us the network of people we feel safe with and can talk to if we need to.

Our walk on the wild side has lead us to develop our map skills and compare human and physical features in the local area, using current maps and one from 1896.   It was amazing to see how much the school grounds and surrounding area have changed - our school didn't even exist in 1896 and there was a farm just at the top of Windhill near our carpark!

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