Friday, 7 June 2019

Year 3 Update

Year 3 have had a creative first week back after the half term break. This week we have been exploring a range of poetry. This includes looking at list poems in English. On Monday the children put their imagination and exploration hats on to collect a range of verbs, adjectives and adverbs for their poetry. They either chose to lay on the field and watch the clouds or go into the forest to see what they could find.

In reading this week the children have been exploring how the use of language and structure contribute to the meaning in poetry. We have also been learning how to perform poetry using a our voices, actions and expressions. We hope you will enjoy the children's performances for their homework this week! 

Maths has taken us down a challenging paths this week as we have been learning about the distributive law to help us solve up to 2 digit multiplication. We are really proud of the children's perseverance with this topic as it can be very tricky!

Walking on the wild side has led us to writing letters to invite special guests to our nature trail grand opening which you'll be hearing more about soon...

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