Monday, 17 June 2019

Year 4 Newsletter

What an action packed fortnight in Year 4!  One of our most exciting projects was researching designing and making weaving looms as our DT project.  Not only did we make successful looms (just like the vikings) but we even all managed to use them to weave our own unique pieces of cloth!  In Science, we classified animal droppings (which were made of clay but appeared to life like that we were afraid to touch them!)  Last week was Life Bus week and Empathy Day. We had the privilege of celebrating diversity on the Life Bus and realising that it is okay to make different choices to our friends.  As part of Empathy day, we took part in a workshop where we considered what it was like to be in someone else's 'shoes'.  This work was carried on in class where we empathsised what is would be like to be an immigrant as we explored Shaun Tan's book, "The Arrival".  We also carried out a nurture project where we explored behaviours linked to emotions and came up with strategies to deal with our feelings.  This was all in addition to English and maths!  We look forward to more exciting projects as we weave our way through the rest of the term!

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