Sunday, 10 December 2017

Are pinatas just for fun?

This week, as our Aztec topic draws to an end, the children have begun to create their designs for their end of term Design and Technology project - Pinatas.

In groups, they have investigated the origins of the traditional Mexican piniata and realised that they may not have always been just a source of enjoyment...

"They were actually originally used as a religious symbol." Lucius

"The centre represented the devil, with the filling being temptation." Thomas

"The seven points of the original design were used to convey the seven deadly sins." Makena

"The person was spun 33 times to show the number of years Jesus was on Earth."  Catherine

As we continue, the children will put their construction skills to the test creating and decorating their own pinatas, before enjoying destroying them at the end of the week!

We will keep you posted...

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