Tuesday, 5 December 2017

KS1 P4C club

Today, we came up with our own Would You Rather questions with a Christmas twist! 
Some of our questions included...

"Would you rather have a real Christmas tree or a fake one?"

Nicky made up this question as he thought it would encourage discussion about looking after the environment. Lots of children wanted to have pretend trees so that we didn't have to chop real trees down.

"Would you rather open a cracker or a present?"

Sienna thought her's was a really tricky question because she loves crackers! In the end, most of the children agreed that opening a present is better because "you get toys and all you get from a cracker is like a little hat".

"Would you rather meet Rudolph or Santa?"

Aron made up this question to get people talking! He thought that he'd rather meet Santa because he could "watch him deliver his presents on Christmas day from his sleigh". Other children thought that it might be fun to meet a magical flying reindeer!

The children wrote their question in a card for their families to bring 
P4C to their homes over Christmas!

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