Friday, 9 November 2018

Year 3 Update

It feels so long ago, but Power of Pictures week before half term was a week full of deep thought, powerful images and creativity! The children have created some dramatic and thoughtful oil pastel drawings showing before and after landscapes of our changing world. Year 3 took a focus on the Global Goal of climate action linking to our topic of natural disasters. The children learnt a range of oil pastel techniques and applied these to their final pieces. We're sure you'll agree that they have done a brilliant job when you see see their creations at parent consultations.The children also developed their understanding of climate change and have engaged in thought provoking discussions over powerful images and reflected on this in their writing.

This week the children have been introduced to their new science topic - light. The children have created a concept map to show their existing understanding, which we will add to each week as we learn. Their main activity was to investigate how easy or difficult it was to see a range objects inside a cardboard box with only a small hole to see inside the box. The children made their predictions before testing each item, then wrote up their conclusions of the investigation.

In guided reading, we have been focusing on poetry, thinking about the use of vocabulary and interpreting information and messages from the poems.

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