Friday, 8 November 2019

Year 6 Newsletter

Wow! What a first week back after half term! The children were thrown into Parliament week this week by being asked to form their own political parties and write manifestos to explain what the aims of their parties were. These were then presented to the whole school during Friday morning assembly where by the rest of the school then voted for their favourite party throughout the day. All the children had fantastic ideas to improve our school and to help our impact on climate change. The winning party was 'Open arms party'. We will be hearing more from them soon!

As well as being extremely busy organising and promoting their parties this week, the children have also been writing their own protest poetry about climate change. All of the children wrote very powerful poems which we hope to present to a wider audience soon. Well done to Hanako, Declan and Kian who performed their poems in front of the school during Friday afternoon assembly.

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