Friday, 27 April 2018

Equality Day at Windhill21

Today we celebrated Equality at Windhill21

We started the day with an assembly led by the Equaliteam
In the assembly the Equaliteam explained what Equality was and what it looked like in our school.
Throughout the day the children had the opportunity to take part in Equality themed lessons such as:
  • P4C based on gender stereotypes, different families and emotional literacy.
  • Designing their own Equality posters to be displayed in school
  • Lessons celebrating the diverse cultures Windhill21 pupils represent
  • Making posters to show how they, themselves are unique and special
Here are a few photos from throughout the day
Reception coloured in flags to represent the cultures of their families
They also shared a story 'And Tango Makes Three' and discussed how the penguins would feel

Year 1 looked on a map of the world and spoke about where their families come from, they coloured in wristbands with their flags

Year 3 wrote a diary entry in response to watching a film based on gender stereotypes

Year 5 had a P4C lesson based on the story 'Bill's New Frock' and wrote response questions based on characters they watched in a thought provoking equality film

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