Sunday, 22 April 2018

Year 4 Newsletter

"The best week ever!"  many of the children in Year 4 boasted this week.  Maybe this was because we got both our new curriculum topic (Vikings) and Science topic off to a good start with...poo!  First, we analysed ‘Viking poo’ to discover what Vikings ate and  how they may have cooked. Interestingly, we found that they ate a lot of bread, fruits (including apples) and fish. Most interesting of all, we concluded that they must have used stones in cooking or food making because they seemed to have inadvertently eaten several small stones!  After that, in Science, we launched our topic on making poo! Using potato mashers for teeth, sieves for large intestines and green washing up liquid for bile, we followed the journey of beans on toast throughout the body.... the results were authentic (apart from the smell)...  This exciting first week back was rounded off when the when Year 4 got the opportunity to hear Julian Clary read one of his famous children's books 'The Bolds' at the Bishops Stortford College. The children thoroughly enjoyed the author experience, even if some of the jokes were aimed at the adults in the audience!  

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