Friday, 14 September 2018

In Year 1 we have begun our new science topic 'Plant Detectives'.  This week the children thought about the question 'What is a plant?'  They drew a flowering plant from memory and discussed the features they included in their plants, addressing any misconceptions such as 'rainbow' flowers.  Next, they used their 'scientific eyes' and looked carefully at real flowering plants, noting the size, shape, colour, structure and leaf detail while completing their observational drawings.  The children also labelled their drawings to show the parts of a plant.

We also had great fun with, what was at times, a cacophonous music session! We played the game 'Name the instrument', listening to the sounds instruments make.  After that we played follow the leader where a child tapped/banged/scraped/jangled a beat using the percussion instruments and their partner had to repeat the correct pattern.  It was a noisy and joyous afternoon!

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