Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Reception solves a mystery!

Today, Reception received a letter from Mrs Moore to ask us to clear away the immersion room... but we were a little confused... we hadn't been in the immersion room this week! So, as problem solvers, we set off to try and find out what was going on. 

When we arrived, we noticed that the room had been left in a bit of a mess! There were footprints everywhere and a bowl of half eaten fruit and vegetables. The children got thinking about how this mess could have been made and how we could find out who was responsible. 

We definitely knew that it had to have been someone in the school, as Mary worked out that "the school locks the doors and doesn't let any one else in!". Suela also knew, by looking at the footprints, that the person had to be an adult because "the shoe is so big". Ethan was quick to notice that "the person has only eaten bits of the cucumber and not the pears, so they must like cucumbers and not pears!"

The children got to work making up questions to ask the grown ups in the setting, including:

"Do you like cucumbers?"
"Do you have spotty bits on the bottom of your shoes?"
"Do you think cucumbers are better than pears?"

After a lot of investigation, the children narrowed it down to Mrs Holland and Mrs Williams, who both loved cucumbers, but not pears. Izabella noticed that Mrs Williams' footprint looked very similar to the ones we saw...

It turns out, Mrs Williams had been cleaning the split flour up in the corridor when her tummy started to rumble! Noticing our bowl of left over snack, she took the bowl to the immersion room for a quiet little snack. Unfortunately, before Mrs Williams got a chance to tidy up, she was called into the dining room to help Mrs Cantel!

Mrs Williams was very sorry for causing such a fuss, and as soon as she realised she had made a bit of a mess, she went straight away to clean it up!

What a busy afternoon! The children were excellent 
Problem Solvers and Inquirers ☺

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