Monday, 17 September 2018

Year 5 Newsletter

It has been an exciting return to year 5 and a visitor set us on the path to investigate whether the Aztecs were violent savages. The Aztec god of son and war Huitzilopochtli (With an appearance not too dissimilar to that of Mr Seales) appeared before us and told the ancient tale of the how the Aztecs rose from wandering vagrants to fierce conquerors. He warned the battles were not over and there were troubled times ahead! He told us that if we were strong in will, we must seek, find and rule the land of Mexico and never yield until it’s done. We then retold his story through drama and freeze frames. We are looking forward to learning more about these grim warriors.

Our topic in science is based around everyday materials. This week we focused on different types of solids used in our school building. We carried out an audit of the school and identified where materials are used effectively and where we could possibly improve them.

In maths, we have been exploring large numbers and the values within these.

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