Tuesday, 26 February 2019

"Busy Bodies"

This week at Nursery the children are learning about their bodies and how to keep their bodies healthy.  On Monday,  Harold shared a special song using different parts of the body with the children called "wiggle and jiggle." Harold told the children that one way to keep your body healthy was to do exercise. The children showed Harold their jumping , balancing, hopping and running skills!  Harold told the children about the heart and the lungs and how amazing their body is. Afterwards some of the children made an obstacle course for Harold and his friends to use do their exercises this week.

To celebrate our amazing bodies we are painting self portraits and exploring different textures with our sense of touch.  Darcy S loved the feel of the cotton wool and told Mrs McC it felt so "soft" and  Anthony like the feel of the straws and told Miss W they felt all "squashy."

Today we had a surprise!! Dr Fitheart came to visit us in the immersion room. She told us about how amazing our bodies were too and helped the children to think of more ways to keep their body healthy such as eating healthy food, drinking lots of water and making sure we get lots of sleep at night time. We showed Dr Fitheart how amazing we are at stretching and moving in different ways. She thought we were very clever!! We had a great time - thank you Dr Fitheart for a great surprise.

Why not try this short calming mindfulness video at home as a way of relaxing and calming your body in preparation for a good night of sleep! We tried it today and the children told me it made them feel really happy!!

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