Friday, 15 February 2019

Interfaith week in Reception

During Interfaith week, the children in Reception have been thinking very carefully about lots of different concepts. To start the week, the children shared the story of The Good Samaritan, a story from the Christian special book called the Bible. Following this, we explored the word 'good' and came up with characteristics of someone that was 'good'

"They have to have good listening ears"
"They need to be caring and look after people"
"They don't all look the same. Lots of different people can be good"

The children they drew their very own 'good creature' including all the features that they felt reflected what it meant to be 'good'. We also enjoyed interacting with the special reflection stations set up for us this week:

Here, Bobbi and Oliver closed their eyes and made a wish for people living in poverty all over the world. They placed their candle on a part of the world that they felt needed their wish to come true.
Ellie explained how she was thankful for her mummy and the teachers looking after her,
drawing a little heart for the Thankful Tree.

Here, Nico, Ethan and Fletcher made pledges to look after their world. Ethan pledged to use less plastic to help look after all the creatures of the world. Fletcher and Nico both said that they wanted to look after the animals too.

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